Becoming a Great Housekeeper

Becoming a Great Housekeeper


02-03-2021 | 5 min read

Many people have decided they want to work for others, but without referrals and experience, it can be challenging to find suitable work. First of all, they must decide where they want to work and what type of employers are acceptable for them. In some countries, it is better to use an employment agency for support or to use online platform for direct hiring. As worker, you may be able to choose your own employer!  Here are a few things you need to know when becoming a housekeeper.

Basic Knowledge to be a Good Housekeeper

No matter how personable you are, housekeepers need to have a basic understanding of certain tasks and what products should be used where. Here are a few of the areas that housekeepers need to have a working knowledge to succeed.

1. Laundry

Everyone has laundry. Having laundry does not mean that everyone will know what to do with it. Some clothes are colorfast, and others shouldn’t be machine washed. Understanding laundry also depends on knowing the detergents, stain removers, and add-ins. Not all laundry detergents are recommended for every type of clothing. Bleach is not safe for colors, and some stain removers are not recommended on some fabrics. Housekeepers do not want to ruin their employers’ clothing. Learning the basics of laundry and how to locate reliable information is crucial to this profession.

2. Countertops

Like laundry, countertops can be tricky. Some countertops are stain-resistant, while others are more porous. A housekeeper needs to know what products are safe on which countertops. Abrasive materials can ruin some countertops. Marble and granite can stain, and if you are not careful, trying to remove the stain can damage the surface. Homeowners want their homes clean and sanitized, but they do not want to replace expensive countertops.

3. Floors and Windows

Floors are another home surface that can be made of many materials—carpet, ceramic tile, wood, laminate, concrete, and other surfaces may be found around the home. Housekeepers must keep them clean and well maintained. Dirty floors can be a health or safety hazard. However, not all cleaners are recommended for all floor types. Using harsh abrasives on wood floors can strip the finish and scratch the surface. Likewise, the wrong carpet cleaner can change the color of the fibers. Spills can cause staining, and some cleaners are recommended for specific types of stains. Be sure that you understand the most common cleaners and surfaces.

Happy Housekeeper cleaning windows in employer house.

4. Cooking

While your employing family might have certain dietary preferences, it is best to make sure that you can cook commonly eaten meals for the region where you work. You will also want to ensure that you can find good recipes if your host family wants something you are unfamiliar making. Basic cooking and baking skills will be required, and you will want to work on improving them with practice.

5. Tidying Up

Your employer will not need you to deep clean carpets and countertops each day. You will need to know what needs to be tidied up and what needs to be left alone. Some children do not want housekeepers in their rooms, but the parents want the rooms cleaned. You will need to know several organizational techniques and how your employer likes these things done. Likewise, while you will not be deep cleaning each day, some surfaces need a light cleaning. Sanitizing wipes can affect some surfaces, so be sure you know what can be used on a regular basis and what products to avoid.

6. Basic Errand Running

Housekeepers must be willing to do the grocery shopping and errands. Some errands will not be necessary as the employer may prefer to do them personally. However, trips to the pharmacy, grocery, dry cleaner, or other local shops may be necessary.

7. Documentation

If you are a foreign domestic helper, you will need to ensure that your paperwork is in order. You may not be permitted to do certain things without proper working visa. Moreover, If your employer will need you to drive for some of the errands, you may also need a driver’s license or other documentation.

8. Basic Childcare

Many families may have a nanny for the children and a separate housekeeper for the home. However, not every family will. You must have basic childcare skills before beginning, regardless of which type of employer you have. Employers with children may request that you fill in if the nanny isn’t available.

Personality to be a Great Housekeeper

Even if you are the best housekeeper in the country, getting a job will be nearly impossible if you don’t have the right attitude. Here are a few personality traits that will help you get that housekeeping job.

1. Friendly

While you do not have to make friends with your employer, you will want to show that you have a friendly attitude. You should make your employer feel comfortable and that you are willing to communicate.

2. Communication Skills

Being nice is one thing, but you will want to make sure that you can communicate with your employer. Listening skills will be one of the most desired traits among employers. They do not want to repeat themselves or feel that you are not listening. Responsiveness is also important here. You will want to speak to your employer when something is out of order or needs to be handled.

3. Honesty

While we all have things that we would like to forget, we must remain honest. When something goes awry, your honesty with your employer will be appreciated. Sneaking around or hiding the truth is never a good plan. If you feel that your employer is abusive or unwilling to listen, approach your agency for help, but do not resort to dishonesty.

4. Eager to Learn

As mentioned above, you need to have several skills, but you cannot know everything. Be willing to learn and take direction from your employer. Some employers will be particular about their wants and needs, so you will need to ensure that you can meet those demands while learning new skills.

Additional Knowledge

Beyond personality and housekeeping skills, you may need other knowledge. These are a few things that you need to learn before becoming a foreign domestic helper.


Likewise, you should understand the culture of the target market. Knowing how to make local dishes is not enough. Local vegetation and food supplies may not be the same as the area you are leaving. You should also understand if the terminology is slightly different for similar items. For instance, even traveling between the UK and Canada means that some English terms are different. Likewise, even if you are traveling to an area and learned the language, individual dialectic differences may occur. Before starting work in a new place, you should be familiar with the culture.


While you may not learn every law in the books, you will need to know what rules and regulations surround working visa, transportation, financial transactions, and contract negotiation. You would not want to land a fantastic new job and learn that you breached your contract in the first month for something you didn’t know was wrong. Likewise, if your employer is not behaving according to the contract, you need to know what you can and cannot do. Contracts may also have stipulations for leaving a job early.

Where to Find a Job

When seeking foreign domestic helper jobs, research your target locations first. You will need to find an agency that can represent you in most cases or search online your future employer (more choice and more job opportunities). Some of those agencies require their helpers meet certain minimums in education or certifications. If you need to have specific knowledge before beginning, this will give you a chance to prepare.

Final Thoughts

You will want to ensure that you are meeting the wants and needs of your employers by having the appropriate knowledge. Some housekeepers are unaware of certain cultural norms or laws, and they make mistakes. While you may make a mistake, you can minimize these mistakes by learning a few of the things above. If there is something you are uncomfortable doing, you need to notify the employer before beginning work. You will be a great housekeeper if you arrive prepared.