Christmas Gift Ideas for your Domestic Helper

Christmas Gift Ideas for your Domestic Helper


14 Aug 2020 | 5 min read

For almost everyone in the West, Christmas is the most important day of the calendar. It is a wonderful time when your thoughts, on their own, turn nostalgic and go back to your home and you feel like meeting your family which you usually don’t. It is the right time for everyone to visit their families. Domestic helpers who help you in your work also need the love and attention which others need. They also have the urge to visit their families during the holidays and especially on Christmas. The families for which these helpers work very hard should understand that they must be thanked and must feel special during Christmas. It totally depends on you how you are going provide happiness to your domestic helper.

Let us help you suggest the perfect Christmas gift for your wonderful helpers this Christmas. Christmas is just the appropriate time to give and receive. It is therefore the right occasion to give back to these amazing helpers and show them that we have lots of love for them and that we care for them and appreciate what they do for us. It is not a must to award them a bonus or to give them expensive gifts only, rather it is just the perfect moment to show them gratitude and to tell them that they mean a lot to by saying even only a “thank you”. Here are some ideas to let you domestic helper know that he or she means a lot to you and that you too care for her or him just like they care for your family. This simple act of gratitude not only makes you feel very good but can mean so much to your helper and can uplift the person and bring tears of joy to their eyes. We have tried incorporating some useful and pragmatic gifts which are going to delight your domestic helper and might not also burn a hole in your pocket. Read them below and apply it in your life to make your helped feel special.

Practical Christmas Gift Ideas

  • You may gift your helper winter garments like scarves or gloves, sweaters or jackets to keep them warm
  • You can buy those branded cold creams and lotions which they won’t consider buying for themselves.

Gift them experiences

  • Gift your helper a ticket to an Amusement Parks where she would love to go with her friend or take her to a restaurant and toast to her brilliant service.
  • You may also gift her massage in a spa or couple of movie tickets or even a haircut in an expensive salon.
  • Your helper is cooking like a chef? She will appreciate a cooking training to learn new recipes.

Intangible Christmas Gift Ideas

  • Give your helper a position of respect and love, ask the kids to draw something for her or frame a photo of the helper with the other members of the family.
  • Make a Christmas card for her with her pictures and make her feel special.

Give her Christmas bonus

A bonus is for sure the most welcome gift for your helper! Money is always helpful to improve their condition or to allow them to make some gift to their family. There is also a lot of way to reward your domestic helper.

Ideas without spending a pennys

  • Make it a habit of appreciating the good deeds of your helper. Simply her into the eyes and say a smiling “Thank you” once every day.  This once can be anytime you like, maybe when she brings in your morning coffee or tea, when the helper does the works efficient or simply before going to bed every night. This simple act of kindness is not a Christmas gift but an act of love which will make your helper feel special.
  • If your life becomes very busy and you do not remain home most of the times to acknowledge the errands and the tasks your helper has done most efficiently, send the helper a well-written text to let her know that what she has done is remarkable and you love her work.
  • If you are hosting any kind of dinner parties or even overnight guests at your place, you may send your helper the photos of the event. This would surely make her feel like a family. Also if your guests pay you complements on the delicious food or the prim and proper arrangement of your rooms then do not forget to let her know that her work is being appreciated by one and all.

We, at Helperplace, realise that like with several decisions about the treatment of the domestic helpers, there is hardly any strict rule, apart from treating your domestic helper with dignity and respect. For many of the domestic helpers, Christmas is very important because of several issues including their nostalgic influence, their extreme religious beliefs and so on and so forth. You can learn more about Christmas in the Philippines here. To understand this, you must show your domestic helper that you honour, respect and value the contribution which they make to your beautiful household.

Christmas time!

So, if you are celebrating Christmas at your home, we would want you include and indulge your domestic helper too in the festival. To make them happy and elated you can gift them too certain things just like you gift things to the members of your family. A gift is always appropriate if it is given with love. The gift doesn’t necessarily have to be an expensive one; it can be inexpensive but must have a practical use and should be given with love. A small, handy, personal gift gifted to your domestic helper on the auspicious Christmas day will show your helper that you simply acknowledge all the service he or she provides to your family. Just put yourself into the helper's shoes and realise how bad you would feel if all the people at your workplace received handy gifts and a beautiful thank you note for appreciation from the employer, but you for some unknown reason, received nothing? So always take the necessary step and keep the people around you happy and especially your helper who leaves no stone unturned to keep your family happy.