Fun Games for Kids and Helpers When At Home

Fun Games for Kids and Helpers When At Home


14-08-2020 | 5 min read

Kids just can’t sit down. The moment their parents are out the door, they will turn the house into a mass of chaos. If you are a domestic helper or a babysitter, then your responsibilities increase to turn this time as a fun time for the kids as well as keep the house safe. If you are a parent, having a day off to be with your kids, what will you do with them? There is only one thing which can engage kids and make them like you- games. Play different games with them and you will see how easy it gets for you to tuck them in on time when they are spent after a fun day. Playing different games can be very helpful in developing a kid’s personality. If you are an experienced domestic helper, then you must be aware of some of the games, but for the first time babysitters, it really poses a problem. To help you out, here are some fun games, kids will really love.

14 Funny Games for Kids and Domestic helpers

Bring Out Some Creativity

Here are some art and craft games that will go perfect with kids.

1. Drawing Challenge

You can decide on what the kids will draw according to their age. For smaller kids, you can prepare cards with the name of items or things written on them. Kids can pick a card and draw a picture of the item. For older kids, you can ask them to draw whatever comes to their mind. Let their creativity prevail.

2. Rock Painting

It will require some hunting- hunting the right size of rocks. Take the kids and search for the smaller sized rocks in your backyard. Once collected, ask the kids to paint faces on them. They can draw the kind of faces they want. You can place these pet rocks around the potted plants.

3. Turn the Patios into a Canvas

Get ready with crayons and colourful chalks. The large part of the houses like driveways and concrete patios can be used here. Ask the kids to draw pictures on these areas. It will be real fun.

4. Card Making

Well, this is an activity to teach the kids how it makes a gift special when you have made it with your hands rather than simply buying it. If there is a birthday coming, mother’s day or father’s day is nearing, you can ask the kids to make a special card to gift it. A simple paper, sheet or cardboard can be used. Do not forget to ask them to write a message. You can also find 87 others creative games here.

Classic Games

These games are something even you must have played in your childhood. No need anything for your domestic helper to prepare these games.

5.Hide and Seek

This game is really fun and kids love it. The more kids there are the more fun you will have. One kid counts till 20 and the other kids hide. The seeker then announces his arrival and start finding others. The first person found is the next seeker while the last one found is the winner.

6. Simon Says

It is another popular game among kids and it really helps them to learn a lot of things. In this game, one kid will act as Simon and the rest will follow what Simon says. Every order Simon makes is to be followed by “Simon Says”. If an order is followed without “Simon Says”, the follower kid will become the next Simon. One who stays till the last will we be the winner.

7. Charades

Even adults love this game. This is a fun guessing game. One kid acts out a word or thing which is written on a card and the other team guesses it. The kid who is acting cannot speak. The first team who makes the right guess wins.

8. Scavenger Hunt

This is a simple game where you can involve as many toys or items you want. Just hide all these items in a room or backyard and ask the kids to find them. The kid who collects the most items win.

9. Board Games

There are many board games you can use to engage the kids. No matter what is the age of the kids, a board game can engage them all. There are several choices of board games like Scrabble, Snakes and ladders, Monopoly, etc. Even chess is a good option when it comes to older kids. board games

Talent Games

You never know how talented your kids are. So, give them a chance.

10. Groove to the Tune

Choose a few songs from the kids-approved song and let them dance. Sing along with them and let them have some fun. Be ready to witness some amazing dance moves. What can be a better game on a Friday night?

11. Storytelling

It is a fun way of bringing out the creativity in your kids. A dark room with a blanket on your heads and a torch shining creates a perfect environment. Tell scary stories and see how creative the kids are. A simple storytelling contest is also fun.

12. Air-Guitar Competition

It’s time to turn up the volume. Play some epic rock music and let the kids play an imaginary guitar. Let their hands work the magic and see what an amazing performer you have.

13. Lip Sync Competition

You need some popular tracks for the kids and let them perform on their favourite music. Adding on some imaginary musical instruments will only increase the fun.

14. Freeze Dance

It is a game that can indulge adults as well. Let the kids dance on a track. Play the song for a minute and then stop it. As the music stops, the kids need to freeze in the position. Those who fail to keep the position lose the round. The kids have to start once the music plays again.

Final Words

Apart from the above-mentioned games, there are several other games or activities which will help like I spy, balloon tennis, pop the bubbles, build a fort, etc. The most important thing is that the kids must enjoy spending time with you and it goes for you as well. You both need to enjoy each other’s company. Being a parent, you get to know the little things about your kid. If you are a domestic helper and the kids enjoy your company, you can help them to learn things and may help the parents again in the future. HelperPlace is a social online platform connecting freely domestic helpers and employers.