Looking For a Part Time Helper in Hong Kong?

Looking For a Part Time Helper in Hong Kong?



16 Aug 2023 | 5 min read

From slogging whole day at office, working in the kitchen, getting essential things to looking after your children is not easy. You certainly wish for a part time helper, don't you? You need not worry as there is no shortage of domestic helpers in Hong Kong, however make sure you hire an efficient and reliable helper for your family.

Hong Kong is a fast paced city and both husband and wife work out to meet the expenses. If your home needs a clean- up but you have no time, seeking part time helper is the best option. They come when you need their help. Hiring part time helpers is very popular in Hong Kong but be careful to respect the law. You have a lot of options out there to find part time domestic helpers. Some people do not like a full time helper staying with them, they prefer part time helpers instead who drop down once or twice in a week and do all the cleaning.

How much does part-time domestic work service cost in Hong Kong?

The cost of part-time domestic work services in Hong Kong can vary depending on several factors, including the nature of the tasks, the duration of the service, and the specific agency or individual hired. Generally, the hourly rates for part-time domestic helpers in Hong Kong range from HK$110 to HK$160. However, it's important to note that these rates are approximate and can be subject to negotiation or adjustment based on individual circumstances and agreements.

What are Local Helpers in Hong Kong?

A local helper can be hired any time! Usually local helper is a citizen of Hong Kong. Please note that Foreign Domestic Helpers are not allowed to work for Part Time Job. Hiring a part time worker is flexible. You can avail their help when you need them! It is a win- win for both the parties as the helpers too are not bound by strict terms as in the case of foreign domestic helpers. Start looking for a part time helper today and make your life easy. Make time for yourself. Relax and spend quality time with your family while your part time helper does washing, ironing and cleaning for you.

Part time helpers doing house cleaning

Where Can you Find Local Part Time Helper?

You can hire part-time domestic helpers either directly or through an agency. Here are several options worth considering.

Online Platforms and Agencies

Specialised agencies for short term contract are probably the best option. An agency can find the right workforce for you besides saving your effort and time. You can also be sure that the helpers are trustworthy and experienced. Agencies insure the helpers, so you need not pay the part time worker if she hurts herself while working at your home. Another notable point is, if your regular helper falls sick, the agency will make available a replacement. You can also get a replacement if you are not satisfied with your current part time helper. Most agencies will also take responsibility if any damage is caused to any item in your house by the helper.

Another option that is gaining popularity in the recent times is online sites or Apps that connect this kind of workers and employers. However, the most reliable one is to use a professional agency to hire a local helper


HelloToby is an online platform in Hong Kong that connects service providers with users, offering a wide range of services, including domestic help. Users can find part-time helpers on the platform through their website or mobile app. Cleaning services are starting at HK$110 per hour babysitting services (nanny) at HK$125.


Lazy is an innovative platform that offers a mobile app for scheduling and overseeing appointments for part-time helpers and professional cleaning services. With their distinctive cleaner acquisition process, they prioritize delivering exceptional service to their users. Cleaning services are starting at HK$115 per hour.


AsiaXPAT is a popular classifieds website in Hong Kong. They have a dedicated section for domestic helpers, where you can find part-time helper listings and contact them directly.

Social Media Groups and Forums

Facebook Groups

There are several Facebook groups in Hong Kong that cater to domestic help services. You can search for groups like "Hong Kong Domestic Helpers" or "Part-time Helpers in Hong Kong" and join them to find potential candidates.

Local Forums

Platforms like GeoExpat have dedicated sections for domestic helpers where you can find part-time helper listings or post your requirements.

Can you hire a Foreign Domestic part-time helper?

According to the immigration department, a foreign domestic helper can work only for an employer designated on their visa, and are allowed to perform only domestic duties. You cannot hire them for part time job; doing so will invite legal actions. Generally foreign domestic helpers work for families in Hong Kong to help them in their household chores such as cooking, cleaning and child care. However they are bound by their employment contract and are not allowed to work anywhere else, be it part- time or anything else. The helper is also required to reside in her employer's house. Working for any other employer is strictly illegal.

What are the Consequences if a Foreign Domestic Helper is Recruited for part-time job?

For the employer

If you hire a foreign domestic helper for part- time domestic duties, you are committing an offence and will be required to pay hefty fines. Violating rules will make you ineligible to hire a domestic helper in the future. So beware!!

For the helper

You will be prosecuted and will not be permitted to enter Hong Kong again to work for violating the regulations. If your employer asks you to work for any other person, report it to the Investigation Division of the Department of Immigration. Never try to work part time in HK. Now you know how to hire part time help in Hong Kong and where to look for them, you have no reason to keep slogging, doing all the work alone. If you do not wish to have a full time foreign domestic helper at your home, you can always hire a part time help to support you but don't forget to respect the labor law!