Guide to Hiring the Right Domestic Helper in Singapore

Guide to Hiring the Right Domestic Helper in Singapore


14 Aug 2020 | 5 min read

Finding the right domestic helper in Singapore can be quite a perplexing and intimidating task for many as there are various aspects to consider before you choose the best one. Moreover, you are bringing a new member to your home and family who will be responsible for the well-being of your entire home.

How to Find a Domestic Helper in Singapore?

As the demand for domestic helpers have risen considerably in the recent years, there are a large number of agencies where you can hire domestic helpers easily. Apart from agencies, you can also hire maids or domestic helpers directly through HelperPlace and other channels. While you hire domestic helpers through agencies, it can be a bit expensive as you need to pay a fee to the agency. The fees will be inclusive of interviews, immigration paperwork, work permit, transportation and training fees of the helper. In Singapore, you can search for domestic helpers on the directory of the Ministry of Manpower. It is important that you choose an agency that has a high retention rate and placement rate. You should also check if the transfer rate of the maids from one employer to another is low. A reputable maid agency delivers only high quality services and so it is wise to hire domestic helpers through such agencies. You need to choose maid agencies that are licensed and accredited to avoid high and hidden fees, faulty services and untrained domestic helpers. When you hire a maid directly through the MOM or Ministry of Manpower website, you can save a few dollars and even hire a maid of your choice. In this way, your domestic helper need not pay an agency placement fee. The process of hiring maids directly through the Ministry of Manpower is quite easy and a hassle free process.

How to Choose the Right Domestic Helper?

With more than hundreds of thousands of domestic helpers in Singapore, choosing the right maid with the required skills and personality can be quite a daunting task. However, you can narrow down your search by identifying the type of skills and personality you require in a maid.

Identify your needs

Before you choose a domestic helper for your home, you need to identify your requirements first. Do you need a domestic helper to take care of your children and pets at home? Do you require a domestic helper to do household chores such as gardening, cooking, cleaning, laundry, ironing and so forth? Most of the domestic helpers are trained to do all household chores and even take care of your children and pets while you are at work. So before you choose a maid for your home, you need to communicate your requirements during the interview process and then hire a suitable maid for your home.


Another aspect that you need to consider is the personality of the domestic helper before you choose them. The helper must be able to adapt to the requirements of your home and family. It is easy to learn household chores but your helper must be willing to learn so she must possess a good personality. It should be easy to communicate with your helper and she must possess a friendly and positive attitude as you are entrusting your children with her while you go off to work.

Salary and qualification

Maid Salary in Singapore

Experienced domestic helpers are usually paid higher salaries. However, it might increase depending on the qualification, skill set, language proficiency and child care training. There are domestic helpers with extensive work experience in Singapore who command high salaries. If you want a domestic helper to take care of your children, then it is wise to choose a helper with childcare experience. You can also choose maids who are trained to take care of elderly relatives or children with special needs. Salary is only one of the expenses when you are hiring a helper.

Transfer maids

These domestic helpers can be hired quickly at a lower price rate as they are already in Singapore to extend their work permit. It is possible to hire these helpers directly or through the Ministry of Manpower website. Transfer domestic helpers can start work almost immediately as they hardly require any training. They can adjust easily and cater to the requirements of the family.

Some Precautions to Take

After you consider all the above factors, it is also essential to take some precautionary measures before you choose and hire a domestic helper. Utilize the assistance of a reputed domestic helper agency to ensure that she is allowed to work legally. You also need to ensure that the domestic helper that you want to hire is compatible with your culture, language and overall environment of your family. While hiring the right domestic helper, you need to conduct a thorough background check to ensure that you are hiring a person who is not blacklisted by the previous employer. Once you have chosen your right domestic helper, you need to maintain a proper employer-employee relationship and follow the regulations of your country. You need to provide adequate medical coverage, maid insurance and training facilities if she requires it. You need to give your maid time to adjust and settle in your home before the job begins. Domestic helpers need to be appreciated for the work they do to support and take care of your family when you are at work. So remember to give them a paid holiday or a time off from their usual work to show your gratitude.