Help your Helper to Find a Job with Good Reference

Help your Helper to Find a Job with Good Reference


14 Aug 2020 | 5 min read

After staying in Hong Kong, Singapore or Dubai for some time, you, together with your family, decided to go back home. The only problem is, your nanny is going to be left jobless. After all the time that they’ve spent caring for your kids and helping you around the house, she needs your help and your reference. The least you can do is ensure that they’re still earning a living even when you’re already gone. This article will discuss the steps you can take so your nanny has a job waiting for her by the time you leave.

1. Tell your friends, family, and anyone who might be interested

Let everyone in your network know that your nanny is open for a new job. Be sure to put in a good word about her. Talk about the prior employers she’s had, where she excels at, and how long she’s been working for you. This will make her more attractive to people who are in need of extra help in the home. This is the best time to utilize social networks and communication tools like Facebook forum, WeChat or WhatsApp and let everyone know your nanny needs a job. It’s always better when it’s someone that you know since you can be assured that your nanny will be in safe hands once you leave. Got no response? Post updates from time to time until you find someone. If not..

2. Let your nanny create a profile on HelperPlace

HelperPlace is a site that connects employers with domestic helpers. Have your nanny submit her profile on HelperPlace and few minutes later she will access to a lot of job offers. She will be required to put in information such as her nationality, skills, and work experience. Make sure that all the fields are filled out. The more detailed her profile is, the better her chances are of getting hired. After providing her details, she can begin searching for job offers. Here, she can filter job openings based on region, work category (child care, housekeeping, driver, elderly care, etc.), and nature of contract (full time, part time, temporary). When you click on each listing, you will find more specific details about the employer such as their location, age, number of kids, chores required to do, monthly salary, and more. Let your nanny carefully consider these specifications so she can land a job that is the best fit for her.

Happy to work for employer

HelperPlace also has a great resource page where they can learn more about work-related subjects like hiring, contracts, skills, leaves, relationships, resignation, communities, and more. Encourage your nanny to read up on these since it’s good for her professional development.

3. Be a good reference

Don’t shun any potential employer who wants to speak with you about your nanny. As her current employer, you are in the best position to provide information about her performance. A good reference will increase her chance to quickly find a new employer. Keep your lines open (phone, email, meeting) and again. If you must write a reference letter to the employer, make it go and share your contact information. Do not forget to provide the potential employer examples of the great service that your nanny provides (baby care, children care, elderly care...). Getting reference for the future employer is a must have.

4. Get to know the potential employer

While you’re speaking to the potential employers, try to feel out how they are. You don’t want your nanny to land just any job. You want her to have a good job where working conditions are fair and she is treated with respect. Sometimes, nannies will not readily speak up for themselves until they’re fed up so be there for them before you leave.

5. Avoid overselling your nanny to potential employers

Don’t set your nanny’s future employers for disappointment by overselling her skills. It helps to be realistic while still highlighting the things your nanny is good at. If you think she may not attract as many employers because of her lack of skills, consider getting her relevant training (if you can afford it). Nothing sophisticated. Just basic tasks like cooking, home safety, or CPR. She will receive a certificate which will make her even more appealing to potential employers.

6. Help your nanny get ready for the interview

Despite being a great nanny, she may still need some help in the job hunt department. Make sure she’s well prepared for an interview by running through questions that potential employers might ask. Help her come up with a list of her own with regards to working conditions like (pay, number of hours, responsibilities). This will help her to decide whether she will like the job or not. You may also need to help her update her resume. This is not necessary but it’s a good way to make her stand out since it shows her professionalism. Once you perform these 6 steps, you are guaranteed to have a job for your nanny before you leave. She will be grateful for your help. Consider it good will on your part. She’ll remember your good deed and will help you in the future should you come back and need help around the house again.