Benefits of Hiring a Second Domestic Helper

Benefits of Hiring a Second Domestic Helper


14 Aug 2020 | 5 min read

Many families opt for domestic helpers when their child is quite young. Some people even think of hiring a second domestic helper for different tasks. When managed properly two domestic helpers actually take almost all the burden away and handle the work given to them.

Are you a working mother who also looks after the family and does household chores? Although this might look like a healthy lifestyle it gets quite tiring after some time. Women have been moving into this “working platform” to not only become independent but also support their family financially. Statistics show that almost 50 percent of the population comprise of working mothers and almost 35 percent of them are looking for domestic helpers.

The pros of hiring two domestic helpers

To change your daily life, it will be mandatory that your co-workers must be cooperative and able to share responsibilities. If one helper handles all the household chores then the other gets the job of handling the kid or the elder ones. If the work is divided in this way it becomes easy for them to focus on one thing at a time. So instead of juggling between different types of work it is better to distribute work.

It is normal for a working parent to feel concern over the upbringing of their child. If you hire two domestic helpers one can work in the day shift and the other one at night. Different helpers mean different set of skills so you will not have to worry about cooking after coming home late at night.

Other most important thing is if one helper calls in sick or is in holiday, the other one can still help you in your chore, so no need to worry about your helper’s holiday anymore. The other point that is mentioned division of work in two shifts. This will benefit both the helpers, if one works all day handling morning chores then the other one can handle all night chores while the first one sleeps. In that way there will be no workload stress and both of them will get to rest.

The difficulties in managing a second domestic helper

Many families have given positive feedback on hiring two domestic helpers but that does not mean all families have experienced the same thing. Sometimes both the coworkers might not get along with each other and this can lead to useless conflicts. It is still fine if an adult member is present at home along with the kids. But what if there is no adult present during the fight? This can affect the child in a negative way.

When you are hiring a second domestic helper, a good practice is always to involve your first helper during interview and shortlisting process (get her feedback about candidates and reduce the risk of mismatch).

Fair division of the work

As a manager, one of your role will be fairly split all the household chores. Any coworker won't accept to get heavy workload when the other one is watching the TV! You will be also in charge to allocate the work to the right helper. Sometimes the child doesn’t like one helper but is fine with the other one. Discussing this with the helper might be a difficult task for the parent.

Monthly salary and bonus

Choosing the salaries might be challenging. Of course paying equal amounts of salary solves all the issues but sometimes specific duties (child care, elderly care, driving) require more time, energy, experiences and skills, the helper handling specific duties might ask for a higher salary. This might not be agreeable with the other helper and it ultimately might lead to a conflict. It's always important to remind to each worker to keep confidential her salary information.

Accommodation and day off

If you’re thinking of hiring two domestic helpers full time then the question of sharing the space arises. Most of the time co-workers have to share the room but what if the helper doesn’t want to share a place with the other person? Coworkers will accept to alternate day off? Cultural differences, dominance of the elder helper over the younger helper- such differences might lead to conflicts so mutual understanding among the helpers is very important.

Important skills that every helper good helper is aware of

Helper taking care of the house

Choosing domestic helpers with the best foundation skills can not only take away all the stress that you have regarding household chores but will also help you focus on your work instead of worrying about your kids and home.

Housekeeping skills

Taking the responsibility of the employer’s house is most important of all. She should understand that their significance in the house is just as important as any other family member and must strive to work harder and better. Strong skills for time management, organization, communication and cleanliness are highly required.

Caring skills

If the house has a young kid then the helper should understand what a kid needs when she is crying. Same goes with any aged member or a senior citizen. Patience is the key to understand what they need and basic medical knowledge for helper is a must.

Cooking skills

These are a must because it might happen that the employer is late due to extra work and so cooking skills come in handy. One of the main duties of a domestic helper includes feeding the child so it is important to have good culinary skills.

Honest, passionate and trustworthy

A domestic helper’s job is not the one where you do it with a half mind or just to “fill pockets” this job requires passion and dedication so you need to hire someone who looks caring, trustworthy and passionate about his/her job. Although searching for the right domestic helpers might look like stressful job, it is quite easier than you think. Using an online platform will help you shortlist a lot of people.