Job Ads by Employers: How to Write and Find a Helper?

Job Ads by Employers: How to Write and Find a Helper?


14-08-2020 | 5 min read

Getting suitable helpers can be the most effective solution to many of your domestic management issues. The idea is to connect with the most ideally matched professionals who would understand your way of life and fit in with your domestic schedule effectively. However, on the other hand, it is just as important to be completely transparent and communicate clearly about your requirements and the amenities you offer, so your ideal helper match can find you amidst the tons of online job ads.

An effectively worded Helper Job Ads would have the following qualities

  1. Precisely worded to communicate all of your requirements within allowed word limit of the Advertorial description.
  2. All requirements listed in a clear form so the vital information stands out.
  3. Requirements listed in a priority order, to convey the urgency of certain points above others.
  4. Areas where you are willing to compromise or discuss on schedule should also be mentioned.
  5. All that you offer, that makes your job ads the most lucrative for your ideal helpers, should be highlighted to attract the proper matches.

As is very clear from the above qualities, the art of penning down the perfect Help wanted Job adverts is vital in your search for the perfect match for your particular domestic situation. The following points elaborate this technique in more comprehensible details. Read on to find how to write the ideal advert to be noticed by the right group of helper candidates for your household.

Start with a precise list

A domestic helper is another individual you would be adding to your household at a permanent basis. It is just as important for your family members to be comfortable with the professional as it is for the helper to find the same with every member of your family. Decide on the terms of the opportunity only after having taken an overview of what each family member needs from the helper to justify the hiring. Make a list of these requirements and then prioritize the points in to what needs to be included within the advertisement upfront and those that can be put forward during the one-on-one interview sessions.

Draft an effective headline for your Online Job Ads

The lead is an important aspect of the attraction quotient for your advertisement. It is important to stand out in the crowd to draw attention. However, an effective headline in this case means to regulate your creativity and be more informative. Avoid badly designed puns or ineffective catch phrases that would bring down the efficacy of your Ads. Research shows that such headlines actually attract the wrong crowd and might even give the impression of your advert being fake. Instead, chose a precise and crisp heading, which conveys exactly what you are looking for. A perfect Job Ads will allow you to get more applicants and then conduct interview with right candidates.

Funnel format for the advertisement

The funnel format is the most precise drafts for writing advertisements for any kind of job opportunities. Specifically for a help wanted advertisement for domestic helper.

  • Start by writing about the job opportunity in detail.
  • Mention the salary in a precise range so your employees know what to expect right off the bat. This streamlines the applicants' pool and reduces the stress of unwanted expectations during the actual interview.
  • Mention the job location and be elaborate about proximity to popular landmarks, convenience of public transport access and/or availability of parking.
  • Mention the additional perks that come with the opportunity. This should include any accommodations, bonuses, use of devices or available free time for the helper when in your employment.
  • Mention the timings of your opportunity. The start date is probably one of the most important criteria to hire a helper.
  • Never exaggerate the virtues of the opportunity to build any kind of false expectations
  • Finally, mention the second tier points of your offer, which are basically negotiable on certain points. This would allow you to be flexible during interviews and allow a modicum of control for the employee to adjust the service to suit their situation as well.

Be precise about your information

Before you can begin talking about your expectations from you helpers, begin by introducing yourself and the available opportunity in clear terms. Inciting faith in your job opportunity is the very first step to encouraging viable applicants to consider your offer. The competition is always steep for efficient and trustworthy help. However, the demand is just as much for reliable job opportunities in this field, so make sure your advert works to establish your offer as one.

Outlining the expectations

Once you have outlined the highlights of what you offer, it is time to be just as precise with your requirements from the position. We always recommend to start with what is most essential and expected of your domestic helper.

  • Mark the points you consider to be completely non-negotiable.
  • Outline the qualifications that would actually help them deal with the particular situation off your household. This includes expertise in handling children, providing specific care for special needs patients, Palliative care for elders or even minding pets.
  • Outline the qualities that would be considered a plus point but are not mandatory for the position. It is a matter of distinguishing between essential qualities and added versatility.
  • Outline the challenges of your household so they know what they should expect to handle during their tenure.
  • Also, outline any added rewards that the position affords for any extra attention to certain details, which are not inclusive within the job description.
  • It is equally important to outline the behavioral qualities you are looking for in the helper. The hired help will in essence be an addition to your household. You will need to have strong coordination and trust for the relationship to continue for long term.

The above-mentioned points will help you compose a flawless help –wanted advertisement. However, it is essential to publish the job ads on reliable domestic helper websites to get the maximum results. Make sure to associate with Apps or websites that have a strong brand presence and filter their applicants to allow only trustworthy candidates to apply on your advertisement.