9 Tips to Perfectly Prepare Your Helper’s Room

9 Tips to Perfectly Prepare Your Helper’s Room



14-08-2020 | 5 min read

A domestic helper is of a very good assistance to you and your family. If both the parents of a child are working, then a domestic help can be very useful in taking care of the child. In a densely populated country with a limited habitual space like Hong Kong or Singapore, the number of live-in domestic helpers is increasing. Since live outs are illegal, it is mandatory that you must provide a room for your helper and make extra arrangements for her. You must not only provide a place to stay but also take care that the place is clean, comfortable and ensure the privacy of the helper. There are some important points which you must be taken care of while preparing your helper’s room,

1. The Right place to Sleep for Your Helper

Sleep is a natural mechanism which recharges your body. If your helper sleeps properly, then he or she will work better. It is important for you to discuss the place of sleep with her. You may even need to buy a brand new bed. A tip to make this arrangement easier when buying or renting a new home is by using filter options on online real estate platforms such as Spacious. You can narrow down your searches by property size, the number of bedrooms, and other features such as helper’s quarters.

2. Make the Room Look Fresh

Decorating the room with colors will make your helper feel fresh. A bedsheet filled with colors, use of vibrant shades in the curtains will energize your helper once he or she enters the room. Since the domestic helper is working for you, it is your duty to take care of her. Keep the room clean and dust free.

3. Arrange a Safe for Yourself and Your Helper

There are many cases where a helper is accused of robbing things from the owner’s home. But, sometimes blaming anybody without a concrete proof can be harmful to the helper’s reputation. Hence, if you arrange a safe for both of you, there are fewer chances of things to be scattered around and incidents of accusing happening.

4. Trust Your Helper

Give her another key to your home. It is understandable that you cannot take the risk but not all helpers are distrustful. Yes, it is dangerous to give her a key right from the first day. But, eventually, you have to provide her with an extra key if the two of you have completely different schedules.

5. Provide a Clear Set of Instructions

Live out or live in

You can give a clear set of instructions to your helper on the first day. It is better if you canhandover a copy to him or her. The copy can include directions like if your helper can have a working mobile phone if he or she can use your wifi, whether she can use the phone when she is taking care of your baby. The clarity of instructions is very important under these scenarios.

6. Have Windows to the Room

Many helper rooms are small and without any windows. Making windows to the room will help in ventilation and manage the temperature. The point is to ensure a refreshing stay to your helper in the room. Air Conditioner is a must !

7. Provide her a Copy of Details About the Place

Your helper may have visited your area for the first time. Hence, it is very important for her to know the neighbouring places around your home. The copy can include the names of important shops, hospitals, and a map. If you want the helper to take care of you, then you must make sure that he or she knows your neighborhood.

8. Decide on What you Must Call Each Other

Most of the times helpers call their owners Sir or Ma’am. It completely depends on you, if you are comfortable with being called by your first name. You can call your helper by his or her name. But, if you have children, they can decide between Ma’am, Sir, Miss or Mister.

9. Respect Your Helper’s Privacy

With a live-in arrangement, your helper will stay with you around the clock. Hence, it is crucial to decide on the privacy of both of you. Make sure that you are giving your helper the space they need where they can be alone and spend time with themselves. If your helper likes watching TV then you can consider arranging TV in the room. If the space available is less, you can use the TV mounted on the wall. Your helpers are like your employees. They must be treated with care and respect. Whenever needed you can even give them appreciations. You must understand that your helper will try to adjust his or her lifestyle with that of yours. Hence you must give the freedom required for your helper.