What are the Skill-Enhancing trainings for maids in Singapore?

What are the Skill-Enhancing trainings for maids in Singapore?



06 Oct 2023 | 5 Min read

Domestic helpers play an important role in many Singaporean households, providing care and support to families in a variety of ways. In today’s evolving world, it’s essential for maids in Singapore to have the skills and knowledge necessary to meet their employers’ changing needs.

There are a number of training courses that can help maids in Singapore enhance their skills and knowledge. For domestic helpers looking to improve their skill set and boost productivity, HelperPlace can provide a guide on how to make the most out of available training for maids in Singapore.

What are Types of Trainings for Maids in Singapore

First Aid Courses

First aid training is an essential skill for all domestic helpers to have. In any given moment, a medical emergency may occur. Maids in Singapore may be required to provide initial care to their employers, children, or other members of the household in the event of an emergency. The ability to perform Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR), wound and bleeding control, and shock management is vital for any domestic worker.

Where to Find First Aid Courses?

The Singapore Red Cross academy offers a comprehensive range of standard and specialized first aid courses. When training at the Singapore Red Cross, domestic workers can learn from customized lessons and gain a wide range of first aid skills.

First aid training in Singapore

Grooming Training

When it comes to grooming training, maids in Singapore can learn how to maintain their personal appearance and hygiene. This subject typically covers topics like personal cleanliness, proper attire, and upholding a professional appearance.

Where to Find Grooming Courses?

The Singapore Management University’s personal grooming and wellness course aims to bring your best version to light, building hygiene, dressing skills, and confidence.

Basic Computer Training

With basic computer training, maids in Singapore can learn how to use computer applications for useful tasks. Computer training includes computer applications like word and spreadsheet processing, email and online communication, and other essential digital skills.

Where to Find Computer Training Courses?

Foreign Domestic Worker Association for Social Support and Training (FAST), since its inception, has planned and organized many core skill courses for maids in Singapore. They offer a broad range of subjects to train in, which include comprehensive computer literacy courses.

Wellness Courses

Physical and mental well-being are important for maids and Singapore. Stress is part of any work environment, and the right wellness course can help domestic workers manage this. Proper training in these aspects can prevent burnout and ensure productivity.

Where to Find Wellness Courses?

Republic Polytechnic understands the shifting community care landscape in Singapore. Their comprehensive wellness courses help maids in Singapore stay in peak physical and mental health.

Cooking Training

Knowing how to cook a wide variety of dishes can help maids in Singapore make mealtimes a colorful occasion. Cooking is a fundamental skill for maids, and training programs that offer lessons in cuisines, dietary needs, and meal preparation techniques ensure that domestic workers can prepare meals that cater to their employers’ tastes and dietary requirements.

Where to Find Cooking Training?

By connecting professionals to food lovers, Chef Tales SG cooking lessons help train domestic helpers in the art of cooking at greatly affordable prices. Their fun, interactive lessons allow maids in Singapore to learn greatly from their culinary instruction.

What are the Parenting Courses for Parents and Domestic Helpers?

Parenting Courses for Employers Can Support Maids in Childcare Roles

For maids in Singapore entrusted with childcare responsibilities, parenting courses are invaluable. These lessons are also essential for employers. Since parents will be entrusting the care of their children to their maids in Singapore, courses that offer insights into child development, nutrition, and effective parenting techniques are essential for any household.

Where to Find Parenting Courses?

The highly experienced team at Nation Club allows both maids in Singapore and their employers to learn a great deal about childcare, raising a child, and more. Their in-depth lessons provide important insight that will help ensure the health and happiness of the children in your household.

Embassy-Offered Courses

The embassies in Singapore offer a variety of courses and seminars that maids in Singapore should take advantage of as often as possible. These courses typically cover a wide range of topics outside the area of domestic care. Interested maids can pick up courses on the local languages, culture, religion, and more.

Where to Find Embassy Courses?

Filipino maids in Singapore can visit their local embassy to learn more about the courses currently being offered. Interested domestic workers may visit the Embassy’s website or Facebook page to inquire about available training sessions. If you’d like to sign up for Embassy courses, follow these steps:

  1. Check the Embassy’s website or social media pages for upcoming training programs. You may also contact the Embassy for a more comprehensive reply. Alternatively, you can visit the Embassy itself to inquire about available training courses.
  2. Sign up for the courses. You may have to fill up an online sign-up form. If you found the courses through the Embassy itself, you might need to provide your name, contact information, passport number, and work permit information. Some courses might require a registration fee.
  3. Provide the necessary requirements. If the training program is held at the Embassy, you may be asked to bring your passport and work permit, along with some copies of these documents. An online course might ask you to provide digital copies of these papers.
  4. Attend your classes. Once you’ve signed up for the training programs, you can enjoy the comprehensive lessons and the knowledge you can pick up there!

Training for maids in Singapore

Other Places to Find Training for Maids in Singapore

Aside from the above-mentioned companies and locations, you can find training for maids in Singapore through various channels:

1. Community Centers

Local community centers may organize training sessions and workshops. These lessons are done in collaboration with government agencies or Non-Governmental Organizations. As a plus, these course cater to both employees and their maids in Singapore.

2. Employment Agencies

When starting work as a maid in Singapore, an employment agency may provide access to training programs as part of their services.

3. SkillsFuture Singapore

SkillsFuture Singapore offers subsidized training courses for maids in Singapore. Their professional lessons help domestic workers build their skills in various areas, whether it be grooming training, wellness, basic computer skills, or culinary ability.

Why Building Skills is Vital for Maids in Singapore?

As Singapore continues to evolve and diversify, the training and support provided to domestic workers play a pivotal role in ensuring their success and integration into the community. These initiatives foster a mutually beneficial environment where maids can excel in their roles, employers can enjoy peace of mind, and households can thrive in harmony.

When domestic workers undergo comprehensive training to improve their skills, it shows a commitment to provide incredible service for their employers. Training in essential skills like first aid, cooking, and basic computer capability equips maids in Singapore with the tools needed to excel in their roles.

Maid-employer relationships thrive when both parties invest in skill development and cultural understanding. Maids with better communication, proper education, and enhanced skills have greater personal growth and career advancement opportunities. Employers benefit from these programs as well, as well-trained maids contribute to a harmonious and efficient household.

HelperPlace offers services that help maids in Singapore find invaluable training, guidance, and more. With the right courses, domestic workers can enhance their skills and knowledge and broaden their horizons for a brighter future. Find a work with HelperPlace!