How to Hire a Maid in Dubai and UAE 2023

How to Hire a Maid in Dubai and UAE 2023


13 Sep 2023 | 5 min read

TIn today's world, many households require the assistance of domestic workers to fulfill various roles such as nannies, helpers, or drivers. These services are sought after for the sake of convenience, albeit at a certain cost. Those who are financially well-off have the luxury of easily employing helpers from other countries, who are available round-the-clock to cater to their needs. The employer, also known as the sponsor, bears the legal responsibility of hiring a foreign domestic worker or maid. The act of hiring someone for household chores entails a significant amount of obligations. Unfortunately, many individuals are unaware of the guidelines that must be adhered to when hiring or sponsoring a maid in Dubai and the UAE. The following steps outline the necessary procedures for employing or sponsoring a helper in the UAE.

How to sponsor a maid in Dubai and UAE?

  • A person (the Head of the family) can provide sponsorship for a Helpers visa. However, individuals, regardless of gender, who earn a minimum of Dh25,000 are qualified to sponsor a helper.
  • As per the regulations, unmarried individuals are prohibited from sponsoring a helper in the United Arab Emirates.
  • In the UAE, the sponsor is only permitted to hire a helper from specific countries, including India, Sri Lanka, Philippines, Ethiopia, Bangladesh, and Indonesia.

What are the Documents required for sponsoring a Helper or Servant visa?

  1. Passport copy of the sponsor is required with the Valid Residence Stamp
  2. Needs to provide Attested Labor Contact or original Salary Certificate of sponsors in Arabic whose visas are direct from immigration.
  3. The sponsor must have at least two-bedroom apartment and a copy of the Attested Tenancy Contract by Ejari.
  4. Helper’s passport copy (Passport must be valid for at least 6 months).
  5. 4 recent passport size photos with white background is required.
  6. If a helper is from the same country of sponsor, then an Affidavit from respective Embassy certifying non-relationship required.
  7. Application for helper visa need to be filled from authorized typing center.

Find more information about all the required documents on MoHRE website.

How to apply for Maid Visa in Dubai and UAE?

1. How to apply for Entry permit for Helper?

For a helper to enter the country you will require to apply for an Entry Permit.

  • Helper visa application form typed from the authorized typing center.
  • You have to pay typing charges Dh 110. If urgent you need to pay supplementary Dh 100.
  • To get the entry permit you have to submit the typed application form to the Immigration or General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs.
  • Along with a typed application to have to pay Dh 2000 as a deposit.
  • You can send either original or copy to the helper. If a copy is being sent, then an original entry permit must be deposited in Visa Desk at Dubai airport or DNRD counter.

2. How to get Residence Visa for Helper?

  • First apply for residence visa within 30 days from the arrival of helper into the country along with Emirates ID and medical fitness report. Go to authorized typist and pay for the urgent or non-urgent form.
  • Take helper for medical fitness checkups. They have to go through HIV, TB, pregnancy, Syphilis, Hepatitis B and Leprosy test. Hepatitis B Vaccination is given which cost Dh50 in additional with 3 doses. If vaccination is being already taken only the yellow certificate or proof is required while renewing helper’s visa and you do not need to take vaccination as it is valid for 10 years.
  • Visit GDRFA (residency section) take a token for the computerized queue system. When your token number comes, you need to submit residency visa typed application along with stamped employment entry permit, salary certificate or labor contract, original passport and passport size photo of helper, sponsor’s passport copy and deposit sticker.
  • Domestic Worker Identity Card will be issued to you or if it is non-urgent it will be received through courier.
  • To Receive Emirates ID card, you need to produce residency stamp to the typist for updating the application, or you can directly call EIDA and provide the residency number.
  • When the helper permanently leaves the country your deposit of Dh2000 will be refunded. You need to conserve the sticker, either use it or receive a refund or it can be used as a proof of deposit to show the residency officer, whenever you do the renewal.

How to take medical fitness results?

As explained, medical fitness is mandatory. A normal test cost around Dh 325, you have also the option to quickly get the result if you pay extra fees.

  • Register through DHA online service or authorized typist office. For Emirate ID application you need to pay Dh 140+Dh30 (typing fee)
  • You can pay online, if not paid online you can go to registration counter or section of medical fitness center and pay fees.
  • Result of medical fitness will be sent to DNRD electronically. Thus, the sponsor will receive notification or else wait to receive results by courier.
  • Visit EmirateID office to submit fingerprints and application. This can be done while visiting medical fitness itself.

What are the other information about Maid Salary in UAE and the other expenses?

The salary of a job is determined by the position and can differ based on factors like experience, job responsibilities, and references. Additionally, there are specific regulations set by the embassies of the helper's home country that dictate the minimum age, required deposits, and set salaries for helpers.

  • Nepal - Minimum age: 30 / Minimum wage: Dh 900 /Deposit: Dh 5000
  • Srilanka - Minimum age: 23 / Minimum wage: Dh 850 /Deposit: Dh 3673
  • Philippines - Minimum wage: 1468 / Currently there is a hold on fresh recruitment
  • India - Minimum age: 30 / Minimum wage: Dh 1100 / Deposit: Dh 9200
  • Bangladesh - Minimum age: 750

Basic living Expenses and Flight ticket

The sponsor is accountable for ensuring the essential living expenses such as accommodation, meals, and basic amenities are provided. Additionally, the sponsor must also arrange for an annual round-trip ticket for the helper.

Sponsorship Fees

As a lawful sponsor, you are required to request a UAE residency permit that costs between Dh5000 and Dh5500 per year. This is a non-refundable fee that must be paid to the UAE authorities.

Refundable deposit

The embassy of your Helper's home country may also request a refundable security deposit ranging from Dh3000 to Dh10000. The amount required may vary depending on the Helper's nationality and the embassy's regulations.

Government expenses

Separate fees are required for medical tests, registration, and Emirates ID insurance. Sponsors must provide mandatory health insurance coverage for their helpers.

What are the advantages of hiring a Helper?

Having a maid in Dubai and the UAE offers numerous benefits. Working women face challenges in balancing their job and household duties. With limited time and overwhelming responsibilities, it is wise to employ a helper who can assist and make life easier during these demanding circumstances.

1) Skill set

They possess exceptional expertise and are proficient in a wide range of tasks. They excel at household tasks such as tidying, washing clothes, sweeping, and ironing, as well as possessing skills in childcare and elderly care. Their versatility greatly enhances the value of their services.

2) Get more Time

One of the major benefits of employing a maid in Dubai is the opportunity to have ample personal time. This allows you to spend quality moments with your loved ones and pursue activities you have always desired. Consequently, there is a growing necessity for a helper who can assume the responsibilities that have always been overwhelming for you. With the assistance of a helper, you can enjoy relaxation and quality time with your family, without having to concern yourself with the cleanliness and tidiness of your home, as it is entrusted to capable hands.

3) Replacement

If your domestic helper is resigning from your household, you have the option to conveniently recruit a new domestic worker through online channels. Furthermore, in situations where your current helper is on vacation or unwell, helper agencies can arrange for a replacement to ensure that your household chores are not impacted.

Will Hire Full-time or Part time Domestic Helper?

Domestic Helper Agencies that hold a specific license or sponsor the head of a household have the authority to employ a full-time domestic helper. There are two types of full-time helpers: those who reside in the sponsor's family home, and those who are provided with separate accommodation away from the sponsor's home. Regardless of whether the helper lives in or out, the sponsor's responsibilities remain unchanged. Agencies also offer part-time domestic helpers for hire. These helpers can be hired on an hourly basis through the agencies. Helpers work for a minimum amount of time per job as agreed upon. Rates for part-time helpers range from Dh 25 to Dh 40 per hour. Additionally, agencies also provide nannies at similar rates.

Rules and Regulations

The General Directorate of Resident and Foreign Affairs Dubai (DNRD) establishes regulations for domestic helpers. According to these guidelines, helpers are prohibited from consuming alcohol, and unmarried helpers are not permitted to cohabit with men or become pregnant if they are unmarried.

How to Renew Helper’s visa?

  • You need to renew visa annually. Either online or through authorized typist.
  • Apply for medical request form online which is free though some typists charge Dh20. Charges for renewal (Dh5080 + typing charges or Dh5180 + typing charged for urgent bases.)
  • Medical fitness test need to be done and if you provide proof of Hepatitis B vaccination done or yellow certificate, that you need not pay again for the vaccination again as it is valid for 10 years.

Cancellation of helper’s visa

  • Advance cancellation can be done through GDRFA or can be done at the airport. If you want cancel visa in advance you need to get ‘residency cancel’ form type, which cost (Dh70+typing fees).
  • Passport of helper and labor card needs to be submitted to GDRFA residency section.
  • You will get two cancellation receipts, one is to be given to your helper and other one submits it to Immigration at airport.
  • Cancellation of visa automatically happens during immigration once the helper normally does the boarding and departure at the airport.
  • With the cancellation receipt you can called your deposit form GDRFA or take helper to airport and get the boarding pass and produce it in GDRFA office near Customs and Immigration counter.
  • You need to pay Dh100 and get residence cancelled.
  • Reach airport before 1hour than earlier recommended 3hour international flight time in case there is queue for cancellation.
  • Give one copy of cancelled form to your helper to submit to Custom or Immigration and other one needs to be submitted to GDRFA to receive your deposit.

Many ladies come here as maids in Dubai or in UAE with an effort to support their families back home. This gives them a support to help their family irrespective of their educational background. It helps them to get a greater chance in life. They stay away from their family and take the risk of working in an unknown country just to make sure that their families back home are financially secure and live a good life as desired.