Argentinian & HK mix happy family looking for a new auntie!
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Argentinian & HK mix happy family looking for a new auntie!

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Posted: 1 day ago

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We are a happy family of 4 (6 months baby girl and 3.5 boy) with an old small dog looking for 2 helpers to join us!! We live in Clear Water bay village house of 1400 sqt, you will be sharing room with bunk bed and wardrobe with another auntie we just hired (She’s sooo nice and lovely and kind) and will have a shower next to the room (big shower!) We want someone who love kids and dogs and patient with them! I want you to stay with us as long as you can so you can watch my kids grow up 🤗 We offer $5000 salary to start and food is sharing. Salary will be reviewed every contract and a small bonus on a good performing month. We provide Sunday and public holiday (not statutory holiday) but if we have guests on Sunday and if we need you or my auntie's help, then you switch to Saturday off for that time. But this doesn't have always, maybe only few times a year on my kid's birthday or anything!! If you are interested, we can organize to meet so you can meet my family to see if you like us!

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