Chinese couple looking for good-at-cooking helper
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Chinese couple looking for good-at-cooking helper

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Posted: 2 mo. ago

Job Requirement

Job Description

(My previous job post got deleted, so if you are previously contacted by me but I wasn't responding, please apply / reach out again, if you are interested)

Hi there,


We are a couple from mainland China and currently working and living in Hong Kong with our dog (cockapoo, ~8kg). We are also planning to have baby in the near future. Usually there will be only 2 adults and a dog living in the house, but there will be friends and family visiting us from time to time. 


Key work priorities are:

  1. Good at cooking - we hope you are good at cooking and like to explore new recipes; you are expected to prepare food for the family every day under a reasonable budget (homestyle dishes, not fancy banquet style). Chinese food is basic requirement, we are also explorative to other cuisine from time to time.
  2. Like to keep things very clean and tidy - our current living space is very clean and tidy, and we intend to keep it that way. We hope to find someone who can appreciate the very clean and tidy work environment and has a habit to keep everything in place. We also expect you could keep your room in a organized and clean manner (more details on your living space is written down below).
  3. Must love small animals - Our dog loves to have close relationship with all humans in the house. So if you do not like to be around dogs, you will find her quite disturbing, which we should avoid. But if you love dogs, you will definitely find our dog very lovely and entertaining. She doesn't need to be walked, but we hope you can enjoy playing with her for some time everyday.
  4. Since we are planning to have baby in the near future, we hope you have given birth to child/children yourself and knows how to take care pregnant woman and new mom / newborn baby. We will have more help from professional companies when the baby is born, but we expect you can also assist on some chores as your capacity allows. We intend to find someone who stays for the long term.
  5. We are a very quiet couple, so we hope you also like quiet environment.

Working location:

  • Our home is located near Kwun Tong MTR station (5 min walk)
  • There are a gigantic wet market and many supermarkets near by (all within 5 min walk)

Living condition:

  • Although our apartment is not very big, we will still have a room and bathroom prepared for you, so you will have your own privacy, no need to share the bathroom with anyone
  • However, the room is not very big (1.8m x 1.3m) and we do have some storage boxes in it
  • Your storage space will be limited, so if you have a lot of stuff to store, this is not a fit (or you can rent outside storage, which we don't encourage)

We welcome any question you may have for us, we hope to find someone who we can trust, build mutual respect, and a very harmonious working environment. 

Required Skills / Duties

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