Looking Personal Assistant / Housekeeper in Dubai
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Looking Personal Assistant / Housekeeper in Dubai

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Job Description

I am currently looking for a candidate who's willing to support me in day-to-day chores including light housekeeping, but most importantly someone reliable to manage daily requirements.

The job is a mix of housekeeping and Personal Assistance. Willingness to learn new skills is a must. I expect professionalism and trustworthiness. The daily job requirements will not be heavy, however I expect quality work and commitment.

Salary will be competitive if reliability, trust, and willingness to learn is shown day-to-day. Bonus compensation will be available upon good performance.

I am willing to cover any training expenses (e.g. First Aid) that are bonuses. This will give candidate further certification towards her learning and future prospects for other jobs.

I believe every human deserves respect, and I apply it in my daily work. I expect appreciation of mutual respect and I hope this motivates candidates to perform well.

I am also open to discussing any concerns at any given time if candidate has issues.

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