Domestic Helper Interview - Tips to easily get a new Job!

Domestic Helper Interview - Tips to easily get a new Job!


14 Aug 2020 | 5 min read

Whether it is for the role of cooking, cleaning, or childcare role, a domestic helper interview can be an overwhelming experience. However, if you are well prepared for the job interview, the chances are that you can easily turn the job interview into a positive experience that not only get you the dream job but also kicks off a long and successful career as a domestic helper. Below are some of the tips to help you make a good domestic helper interview.

First Impression Matters

For any domestic helper interview, the first impression plays a crucial role. Give a lot of importance on your appearance and body language while preparing for the interview. Remember to wear appropriate clothes for the interview that are not only comfortable but also allow you to feel supremely confident.

Confidence is the Key

Domestic helper jobs require the candidates to be confident, hard-working, and smart. Don’t allow the nervousness or anxiety reflects in your conversation with the interviewer. In fact, confidence is a key quality for any job interview and for subsequent career success. To be fully prepared and feel confident, it is recommended to do some background reading before you appear for the job interview (check carefully all the information that you got in the job offer). It will help you get a grasp of the role, employment conditions in a new place, employment laws (Hong Kong visa for domestic helper, maid permit requirement in Singapore,..) etc. Gather as much information you can before appearing for the interview to be well-prepared.

Be On Time

Employer schedule interview

The importance of the essential skills such as punctuality, organization, and ability to follow timelines cannot be overemphasized enough for the helper job interviews. When you are appearing for the interview, the employer tries to assess you on all these qualities. Your ability to convince your employer on how serious you are about time management will also convince them about your ability to manage tasks, working under strict timelines, and ability to complete one task at a time, in order of priority. Furthermore, make sure to inform the employer at least one day in advance if you cannot attend the interview for some reason or want to reschedule it.

Listen Carefully Before you Talk

One of the common mistakes people do in the job interviews is jumping to give answers before listening patiently and completely. Remember that when you are giving an interview for helper job, listening carefully allows you to learn as much as possible about the role and thus enhance the chances of getting through the interview. Below is the comprehensive list of the interview questions that are generally asked by the employer during the hiring for the domestic helper role. Take time to read each question and be ready to give the right answer.

  • Details of the qualifications and the training you underwent?
  • Your expertise in the particular profile; for e.g., if you are applying for the role of a cook, what are the different kinds of food you can cook etc?
  • Details of the current salary, expected salary hike or new salary expectations?
  • How comfortable are you with the area, surroundings, living abroad etc?
  • Details of your interests, hobbies outside work, your religious inclinations etc?
  • Expectations as the domestic worker, employer etc?
  • Reasons for changing the employer or not renewing your old contract with the previous employer?
  • Details of the previous employers for reference check

During Domestic Helper Interview, Ask Relevant Questions!

To fare well in domestic helper interview, it is of paramount importance to ask good and relevant questions. It helps in convincing the interviewer about your preparedness for the role and your skills sets needed for the job. It is essential to jot down a list of relevant questions before your interview. Some of the examples of such questions could be-

  • Ask your employer what they are looking for?
  • What are their expectations and clarify if there is something you cannot do
  • The job interview is not only for the employer to decide on whether or not they want to hire you; it also is an opportunity for you to decide whether you are willing to take up the job. Ask everything to convince you before you take up the job.

Carry all the Important Materials

Make sure to bring the reference letters from your current or previous employers, if any. One of the most important jobs interview tips is to remember to sell you appropriately for the role. It is necessary to understand the difference between the bragging and selling your skills at the interview. Don’t be afraid to share your skills and abilities, but remember to not be egotistical either. And last but not the least; the candidate should be able to demonstrate to the interviewer that they are willing to learn in every circumstance.

Conduct Yourself Professionally

How professional you are in your conduct, actions, and in carrying yourself play a huge role in cracking the interview. In fact, the behavior and actions can inspire or deter a prospective employer from making a job offer to the candidate. Remember to be polite to the employer while answering questions; a candidate who can demonstrate the skill of professional conduct has a much better chance at being hired for the role.

Read the Contract Carefully Before Signing

Make sure to read the contract thoroughly before signing. If you think that the contract conditions won’t work for you, just tell it frankly. Salary and accommodation question are very important. Don’t sign the contract if you are uncomfortable about anything or have no intention to work for them. Working as a domestic helper offers several perks such as the helpers are entitled to work and reside in the employer’s residence as specified in the contract during the whole employment period. Your salary will be also a good way to support your family in your country. Make a good interview is the first step for job seeker. If you want to get a better chance to sign with a new employer, it is essential to be well prepared for the job interview using the above-mentioned tips. If you are still looking for a job, you also have the opportunity to find the right employer on HelperPlace.