Travelling with Helpers - All you need to know!

Travelling with Helpers - All you need to know!


14-08-2020 | 5 min read

Travelling to other countries and wishing to take your helper along? There may be different reasons of travelling with helpers. It may be an opportunity to pay gratitude or one may want to take them as a helping hand. However, different counties have different visa rules. Moreover, there are many points to be considered such as the destination's embassy, dependent visa rules, visa fee, etc. There are special visa rules in different nations, especially for helpers. In most of the South-East Asian nations, the helpers may get permission to join for short tourist stays. However, many Western nations ask one to get special visas for the helpers. Planning ahead when one is travelling with helpers is integral for a successful trip. The first point is obviously to ask the helper whether he or she wants to accompany on the journey or not. Ask whether the helper is possessing a valid passport or not. Next, inquire the arrival destination point whether the domestic helper requires to possess a visa or not. It is always advisable to keep useful information about the helper handy, such as his or her education details, his or her employment history, his or her parents details, and his or her birth details.

Travelling with helpers - visa rules for helpers in different countries

The United Kingdom

Helpers need to apply for a Domestic Workers in a Private Household visa which is valid for a period of 6 months. The approval period further takes up to 3 weeks. Moreover, the helper needs to be working for a period of at least a year with the employer. The application can be submitted online although the helper needs to personally visit the visa application centre. The helper must return home at the end of the 6 months or when your employer returns home, whichever is sooner.


Visa rules in USA are quite tough as the immigration authorities may actually deny giving visa to the helpers on even a slight suspicion that the helpers may disappear during the visit. The country is very particular about illegal immigration and takes every possible step to snub the possibility. The helper needs to fill the application form and then pay the visa fee before the scheduling of the visa application. However, one needs to ensure that the helper possesses a minimum of one year of experience with attested particulars by the present or previous employers. It is always advisable to prepare the helpers well for the visa interview as they need to work hard to convince the officials about their intention not to overstay their visa time period.


Travelling with helpers to Australia needs one to apply for the subclass 600 Visitor visa. Helpers are supposed to accompany their employers and should also follow the same itinerary as their employers. However, one can apply for a domestic worker visa for which the processing time is 10 days. The visa process just like the USA is rigid and thus requires one to pen down every reliable information about one's helper in order to avoid any kind of breaching. Moreover, one needs to prove the fact that the helper is an integral part of one's family.

New Zealand

Travelling with helpers to New Zealand requires one to apply for Specific Purpose work visa. However, it is better to organise everything well in advance and get all the documents ready.


One needs to follow a three-step procedure for applying a visa for domestic helpers. The employer can initiate the visa application 3 months before the intending date to travel. Moreover, the country rules require one to fill a form and submit it to the local labor department. After one receives the stamped and signed form, one can get the helper to apply for his or her visa. The said procedure takes around one month time. However, the period may extend in the period prior to holidays. Thus, it is always advisable to apply beforehand when trying to secure a time slot during the holiday season.

Travelling in Asia


Japan is a country which requires one to fill the temporary visit visa form and the letter of guarantee. The letter of guarantee needs one to give reasons for bringing a helper to the country. If the visa process gets successful, one can get visa for up to 3 months.


Thailand has flexible visa rules when it comes to assisting tourists in travelling with helpers. In fact, helpers from the Philippines and Indonesia can enter the country even without a visa for up to a period of 30 days. However, this condition is applicable only for twice a year.


Cambodia is a perfect destination for temple raiding. Indonesia and Philippines citizens are exempt from the visa rules. In fact, one can even apply online for family visas.


Again, the citizens of Indonesia and the Philippines need not worry about the visa requirements for helpers if the stay is for less than 14 days. Thus, one can plan a vacation along with helpers without worrying much about visa rules if the helper is an Indonesian or Filipino citizen.


If a helper is a citizen of Indonesia or from the Philippines, no stress! As they are from ASEAN countries, they are exempted from applying for a visa to visit this wonderful country.


While travelling with helpers to China, the employer is supposed to give a letter of guarantee while applying for a tourist visa. The letter needs to contain information on the main purpose of the visit of the helper as well as details about the entry and exit dates from the country. It is always advisable to contact the Chinese embassy as the visa regulations keep changing.


If the helper is a citizen of Indonesia or the Philippines, he or she can stay in Singapore for a period of 30 days without even applying for a visa. Citizens of other countries however need to apply for the visa. The Singapore embassy officials can assist in the process.

Gulf Countries

Travelling to Gulf countries with helpers is easier if the helpers possess a letter of sponsorship issued by the employer. Moreover, the helper also needs to have a return car. Travelling with helpers can get easier if one can get organized documentation and be aware of all the formalities for getting a tourist visa. Do not forget to check that your domestic helper insurance is covering the destination. Happy travelling.