How to Hire Filipino Housemaid in Saudi Arabia 2023?

How to Hire Filipino Housemaid in Saudi Arabia 2023?


27 Nov 2023 | 6 Min read

HelperPlace, Musaned and Maaroufah domestic workers' recruitment platforms offer an excellent smooth and uncomplicated recruitment experience for families in Saudi Arabia. However, many domestic labour recruitment offices in Saudi Arabia facilitate recruitment procedures for both domestic workers and employees.

In this guide, we will address everything you need to know about hiring Filipino housemaid in Saudi Arabia in 2023, such as recruitment terms and guidelines, the required documents, the costs, as well as the best platforms that facilitate domestic helpers’ recruitment.

Musaned domestic helpers’ recruitment services

Musaned is an initiative by the Saudi Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development. The online platform offers domestic helpers recruitment services in an easy, smooth and integrated manner, so that customers can complete all recruiting procedures through the platform with ease, that in addition to providing all the necessary information for recruiting domestic helpers in KSA.

How to use Musaned platform to recruit domestic helpers

  • Visit Musaned platform via the following link.
  • Click on the service icon to select recruitment preferred type (Pre-selected recruitment /MAAROFA services/Domestic labour leasing).
  • Choose the helper occupation (domestic worker, nanny, driver, nurse, cook, physiotherapist, or others).
  • Choose the nationality of the helper
  • Choose the personal details of the helper (age, work experience, gender).
  • Choose 3 recruitment agencies in Saudi Arabia and send them your requirements through MUSANED platform.
  • The platform will verify the applicant's details and respond within 7 days.
  • Choose the right employee from the profiles sent by the recruitment agencies.
  • Complete the electronic payment.

Guidelines for Recruitment of Filipino Domestic Workers in KSA 2023

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Philippines Ministry of Labour have reached an agreement on the new contract template for the recruitment of domestic workers for the year 2023, which includes the following conditions:

  • The minimum salary for a Filipino Helper is 1,500 Saudi riyals.
  • The helper is entitled of one day off per week, to be spent as they wish.
  • The helper is entitled of keeping all their identification documents, such as passport and residence card.
  • The employer must provide the worker with a phone to contact their family.
  • The helper is entitled of one month break after the competition of two years on the job.
  • The employer must open a bank account under the helper’s name to deposit their salary.
  • Working hours shall not exceed 8 continuous hours.
  • The helper must maintain the privacy of the employer and his family and not disclose any family secrets.
  • In the event of a dispute between the domestic helper and the employer, it shall be handled by the authorities in KSA.
  • In the event that the worker was delinquent in their work or refuses to do it, the agency will be responsible for either providing another worker or refunding the recruitment expenses.

Filipino Housemaid cost

Cost of Hiring Filipino Domestic Helpers in KSA 2023

The cost of recruiting domestic workers from the Philippines varies based on the method of the recruitment chosen, providing a variety of options and services to suit everyone, for example:

- Prices of online platform like HelperPlace: Browse and connect with potential housemaid candidates (plan start at 150 SAR).

- Prices of recruitment agencies: The cost of domestic helpers’ recruitment agencies might reach to 11,250 SAR in addition to the helper’s visa cost, and an amount of 5,625 SAR as a mediator fee.

- Prices of the Maaroufah platform which provides an economical option for recruiting domestic helpers, especially from the Philippines, as a 50% discount was recently announced for recruitment from the Philippines, at a fixed cost It is estimated at 8,850 Saudi riyals. If all the recruitment documents and identification papers of the worker are provided by the employer.

- The prices of the Musaned platform: The prices of the Musaned platform services range between 14,500 and 19,000 SAR.

Maaroufah domestic helpers’ recruitment services

The Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development in KSA, in partnership with Musaned, introduced Maaroufah domestic recruitment services platform.

This new service helps families residing in KSA to find domestic workers from the Philippines in a quick and efficient manner, given that they have the helpers detail in advance.

The service linked to the top licensed recruitment agencies in Riyadh, Jeddah and Dammam and will cover all parts of KSA soon.

Maaroufah domestic helpers’ recruitment terms and requirements

  • The employer must obtain a working visa for the helper successfully.
  • ALL the service fees must be paid through Musaned platform, the applicant must also pay for travel costs.
  • The application will be processed within 45 days from the date of its submission.

Maaroufah domestic helpers’ visa documents and requirements

  • The helper's full name.
  • A copy of the helper's passport.
  • The helper's contact number at his/her home country.

How to use Musaned platform to recruit domestic helpers

  • Visit MUSANED platform via the following link.
  • Log in with your national ID number and password.
  • Click on the visas icon on the main page.
  • Choose the regular visa, then click on new application.
  • Select the Undertaking and Acknowledgment icon, then agree to the terms and conditions.
  • Attach e financial ability proof file with a salary of no less than 7000 SAR.
  • Pay the visa fee through: SADAD, Absher, or ATM.
  • Enter the visa information.
  • Press issue an invoice.
  • When you return to the main menu, choose MAAROFA from the Contracts icon
  • Enter the helpers details (name, contact number, passport number and expiry date, the helper's arrival city in KSA, and attaching a copy of the helper's passport.)
  • Choose the recruitment office registered with MAAROFA f to start the contract, download the contract form, and proceed to payment.

Domestic helper contract cancelation guidelines.

The recruitment contract can be canceled through MUSANED platform, for any of the following reasons:

  • In the event of the helper's death.
  • In case the helper failed to pass the health examination.
  • In case the helper failed to attend the mandatory training courses.
  • In case the helper's visa application is rejected by the Saudi authorities for any reason
  • In case the helper failed to arrive on the agreed time.
  • The applicant is entitled to a full or partial refund, in case the contract is terminated for reasons related to the helper or the recruitment agency.