A Complete Guide to Hiring a Maid in Saudi Arabia

A Complete Guide to Hiring a Maid in Saudi Arabia



06-10-2023 | 5 min read

Hiring a maid in Saudi Arabia typically involves engaging with recruitment agencies. Coordination with these agencies is crucial to ensure the hiring of a reliable maid who meets your needs. Alternatively, you can use Musaned, an online platform, to directly hire a maid. Musaned streamlines the process, making visa acquisition faster and more efficient, ultimately expediting the maid hiring process compared to traditional agency methods.

Musaned is an online platform that reduces the amount of time (and fees) used by agencies to find a maid. This platform eases the visa procedure allowing maids to acquire an electronic visa much faster.

A good thing to know is that by using Musaned, you can hire a maid much faster than if you were to use an agency to hire one.

Since maids have to do numerous tasks such as cooking, cleaning, or childcare, it is best to have complete assurance that the contractual relationship between you and the maid is sound. Moreover, the legal rights and laws are a must to be followed.

Many factors come into play when you plan on hiring a maid. Maids that commonly work in Saudi Arabia migrate to Saudi Arabia from different countries such as:

  • Philippines
  • Sri Lanka
  • Egypt
  • Kenya
  • Morocco
  • Vietnam
  • Indonesia

Due to this, they are accustomed to different laws, and you, as the employer, are responsible for making sure that the maid’s integration in the kingdom is as seamless as possible.

Given below are multiple matters that form up the guide of hiring a maid in Saudi Arabia. Please, read on to acquire information on the matter.

What are the Employer’s requirements when hiring a Maid in Saudi Arabia?

Are You Eligible to Hire A Maid?

The first and foremost thing to consider is whether or not you are eligible to hire a maid. According to the law, certain professions are not allowed to hire a maid. Those professions are:

  • Laborer
  • Farmer
  • Watchman
  • Driver

If you have a profession other than the listed ones, you have nothing to worry about. Another criteria that must be followed is that you must be married to hire a maid if you are a male. Additionally, your salary must be above the designated mark of SR6000.

If your profile agrees with the eligibility criteria, you may move on to hiring a maid.

Things to Consider Before Hiring A Maid

As mentioned before, hiring a maid is not a simple task. You are undertaking a responsibility.

Hiring a maid and taking on the duty to provide for her work go parallel with each other. Extreme pre-planning is recommended to prevent any issues.

Things to consider when hiring a maid are:

  1. Eligibility
  2. Task Assignment
  3. Costs

Criteria to hire a maid

Primary Tasks to Assign

Assessing the tasks you need to assign to the maid is absolutely essential. When you know which tasks to assign, it will help you further when you submit the application to recruitment agencies.

Knowing these tasks will also help you narrow down the skills the maid may require. For example, childcare will require a maid who:

  • Knows Arabic for communication
  • Has previous experience
  • Is patient and educated

On the other hand, a maid required for cleaning and cooking will need:

  • Ability to read Arabic or English for following recipes
  • Sanitary and cleanliness while cooking
  • Be familiar with the cuisine served in Saudi Arabia

Once you have chosen which sort of tasks you need to hire a maid for, it becomes much easier to relay the information to the agency to ensure a perfect fit.

How much is the cost of Hiring a Maid in Saudi Arabia ?

To obtain a housemaid visa, the agency charges approximately SR6000 to SR9500. You need to provide specific details to the agency, including the number of family members and any preferences for the maid, such as age, nationality, and religion—Filipino maids are often favored for their exceptional services.

Beyond agency fees, there are additional costs associated with hiring a maid. These fees cover the maid's visa, necessary medical examinations, travel expenses, and Iqama. However, it's crucial to stay informed and oversee all aspects since the maid is your responsibility.

Additional costs entail the maid's food, health insurance, and agreed-upon extra expenses like clothing. Accommodation must be provided, whether it's a designated room and bathroom in your home or a worker's house nearby, ensuring clear boundaries.

Employers typically cover utility bills for the maid and provide an end-of-service benefit after a minimum of four years of continuous service at the contract's conclusion.

Cost maid saudi arabia

Things to Note when hiring a Maid in Saudi Arabia

Since maids have to do numerous tasks such as cooking, cleaning, or childcare, it is best to have complete assurance that the contractual relationship between you and the maid is sound. Moreover, the legal rights and laws must be followed.

  1. A contract between both parties is mandatory. It will contain the details of the task the maid is being hired for, the salary agreed upon, and other related matters. It must be honored upon at all times.
  2. No work other than one agreed upon can be assigned to the maid.
  3. A day off per week is entitled to the maid, along with a resting period of at least nine hours per day.
  4. During sick leaves, the maid will receive her salary as long as the sick period does not extend to over 30 days.
  5. You are entitled to provide accommodation, food, etc., to the maid.
  6. The maid is to receive her salary monthly as agreed upon in the contract.

Following the rights will result in a beneficial and honest working relationship between you and your employee.

Is it Legal to Hire a Part-Time Maid in Saudi Arabia?

There is another option for those of you who do not want to get into the hassle of applying for a housemaid visa and the costs that come with it. Instead of hiring a full-time maid, you can hire a part-time one.

Part time maid in Saudi arabia

The procedure for hiring an hourly maid can be done entirely online. All the details, including the following, are decided online:

  • Task assignment
  • Hours needed (a minimum of four are required)
  • Hourly pay

After the details have been decided, you have hired a maid. No extra expenses other than the pay of the worker are required.

Online maid services also reign full control of their employees. The maids are picked and dropped at the appointed place by the maid services appointed van.

Why Hire Filipino Maids?

The foremost reason to hire Filipino Maids is that hiring them is much less than hiring a maid of any other nationality.

Why is that, you must be wondering? The answer to the new scheme, Maaroufah that was introduced back in 2019 in the Musaned platform. It allows you to hire a Filipino maid for only 50% of the total fee.

This service makes it easier to hire a Filipino maid in only forty-five days. Other nationals would require at least two months minimum. Moreover, it would cost more as well.

The hiring procedure is simple. After you have decided on which maid to hire, you need to ask her for her details, namely:

  • Name
  • Passport ID
  • Passport Picture
  • Contact Number

With the details at hand, an e-contract can easily be signed through the Musaned portal. You need to pay the required fee, and the service will allow you to acquire an e-visa for the chosen Filipino maid.

Musaned is a very easy-to-use service and has benefited both employers and employees. It is recommended that you choose Musaned as it allows for a much easier hiring procedure.


There you have it! A complete guide and know-how on hiring a maid in Saudi Arabia. Hopefully, the information provided will be of good use to you when you are in the process of hiring a maid.

For further details about hiring a maid, including the visa requirements and step-by-step guide, please visit our new and tips.

With this guide at hand, you are assuredly going to go into the process of hiring a maid with full knowledge at hand. Good luck!