Maid Salaries in UAE: A Complete Guide to Domestic Helper Wages

Maid Salaries in UAE: A Complete Guide to Domestic Helper Wages


16 Dec 2023 | 5 Min read

In Dubai, household maids carry out a large number of functions that extend beyond household chores. These functions involve a lot of responsibilities relating to children and cleanliness, keeping the environment clean, and adding in child care as well as maintenance of an older adult.

Hard professional commitments often demand significant time and attention, therefore, people are only able to give some of their attention to their houses. That's where household maids come in. Their assistance allows visuals and families to strike a balance between work and personal life.

The need for domestic help in Dubai is always on the rise since they play a pivotal role in the life of presidents, acknowledging the contribution these made to make the functioning of a household smooth and carefree.

The job of households in Dubai is not just about household management but fair treatment and proper compensation. That provides the residents with a balanced life.

Understanding The Concept Of A Maid In Dubai

In Dubai, there are two types of maids: those who work full-time and those who work part-time.

Part-time home caretakers cater to household needs less frequently, often tackling specific tasks with flexible time commitments and workloads. Given their part-time status, they require more flexibility with their schedules to ensure completion of assigned tasks within the allotted time frames.

Full-time household assistants can either live with the residents or live out in a community. They usually provide round-the-clock assistance and lie about housekeepers at specific working hours. Both of them undertake some responsibilities that include child care, elderly care, cooking, and housekeeping responsibilities.

What is the Full-Time Maid Salary Dubai ?

Being aware of everything's salaries is essential for both employers and domestic helpers in Dubai. For maids, it sets reasonable expectations and gives them space to negotiate with the employer.

In contrast, for the employer, it allows them to offer fair compensation regarding the experience of this household assistant, their responsibilities, and the standards. These awareness fasters are a respectful work environment and sharing that both the employer and made are on the same page promoting fairness within the domestic work sector.

Full-time female servants in Dubai take care of several responsibilities within the household. Their role extends beyond the mayor's choice, contributing to the smooth functioning of the household and allowing residents to focus on their work and private lives.

Live-In Maid Salary Cost

In Dubai, live-in maids typically earn around AED 1,500 to AED 3,000 per month, but these figures often vary based on how much experience they have, their skills, and the specific duties they take on. Additionally, they enjoy perks like meals and healthcare coverage provided by their employers, making their overall compensation package more valuable.

Average Live-Out Maid Salary

The domestic helpers who travel from their own homes to work usually earn between AED 2,000 and AED 4,000 per month on average. However, their monthly income can change based on factors such as their working hours, the tasks they're assigned, and where their employer's house is situated.

They bear additional expenses for accommodation, transportation, and food, influencing the overall compensation they expect from their employers.

Part time maid salary IN UAE

Part-Time Maid Salary In Dubai

Maids in Dubai are created to perform household duties on a less-than-you-can basis. They are usually higher for specific s of short durations. They typically access cleaning, organizing, and sometimes cooking, and taking care of children, offering flexibility in working hours.

Salaries for part-time houses in Dubai hinge on various factors like the hours put in per session or week, the extent of their duties, and the specific tasks delegated. Typically, they earn approximately AED 30 to AED 40 per hour on average.

However, experienced domestic helpers or those handling specialized tasks might command higher hourly rates. At the same time, factors like demand-supply dynamics and the location of the employer's residence can also impact the overall compensation for part-time maids.

Factors Influencing Maid Salary In UAE

Many factors affect the salaries of home caretakers, whether they are full-time or part-time, living in Live Out. By understanding the specters, one can compensate for affair treatment in the domestic works sector.

Qualification And Training

The maid's earning potential is usually influenced by the certifications they have and housekeeping, child care, and household responsibilities. Maid with specialized training and qualifications in the relevant work field, they are in more demand than the ones who need the capabilities. For example, Filipino housemaids are highly sought-after due to their excellent English language skills and their proficiency in childcare.

Experience And Skills

Experience is one of the critical factors that determine the salary of skilled workers in specialized areas. For example, child care, cooking, and elderly care can impact salary negotiations. Extensive experience tends to command higher wages due to a proven track record and handling proficiency in household tasks.

Working Hours And Responsibilities

The number of working hours significantly affects the maid's salary. The ones who can work for longer hours generally command higher salaries compared to the ones with limited hours or specific tasks.

Location Of Employment

The location of the employer also affects the salary of a maid. The ones who come from areas that are far away might negotiate higher compensation to accommodate their travel and living expenses as well. Typically, cities like Dubai and Abu Dhabi offer higher salaries compared to smaller cities like Sharjah and Al Ain.

Demand And Supply

The demands of maids in certain areas can influence their salaries. When there is a need for skilled and unprofessional ones are outnumbered, the wages of full-time and professionals tend to rise. Oversupply of them can lead to more competitive salary offerings.


In today's demanding environment where residents strive to maintain a work-life balance, household maids, whether working full-time or part-time, alleviate the burden of domestic tasks. They allow you to concentrate on both work and personal life.

The more efficiently your home caretaker manages household chores, the more relaxed and fulfilling your daily life becomes. Understanding the significance of fair compensation and the factors influencing maid salaries is crucial for both employers and household assistants.