Raising Kids Can Be a Walk in The Park with a Helper

Raising Kids Can Be a Walk in The Park with a Helper



14 Aug 2020 | 5 min read

As humanity is surpassing the hypermodern times, the bonds between the members of each family are deteriorating at a rapid rate. There were times when there was no concept of a nuclear family, but with the hands of time marching ahead at a fast pace, the very structure of a nuclear family is going through a change. At one point of time, a nuclear family consisted of a father, a mother and their kids, in the hypermodern times, a single parent with a kid or two, can very well represent a nuclear family. But no matter what’s the size of the family, having a kid changes the very dynamics of how the family functions. Raising kids between a husband and a wife was a challenging task on its own, and now, with people choosing to be single parents, it has become more complicated than ever. If you are raising a child you need to ensure that, your kid receives,

  • Proper care
  • Proper Psychological Support
  • Proper Nutrition
  • Education
  • Security

Helper leaving your family

Until the time they are capable of doing these things own their own. But if they do not receive these basic things while they are still young, it could hamper their overall development as a person. Such changes, once they have occurred, are generally irreversible and might affect your child, all through their lives. It’s understandable that raising kids is not a cakewalk, since there are other areas of your own personal life, which require your attention. But since you have decided to make a child a part of your life, no matter how much you try, you cannot run away from your responsibilities, without permanently damaging the child’s psyche. And to avoid such a scenario, what you need to think about is, hiring a helping hand. Many parents are reluctant to hire a household help to assist them with their kids, because they are worried about what others might say or think about such a move. Will they end up being termed as incapable parents? How will the presence of a household help affect the child’s overall development? Will the household help take care of the child properly? Will your kid start recognizing the help as their parent? And the list fear goes on… Well to tell you the truth, all of these doubts that you have, are pretty genuine, and to have such doubts about the future of your kid proves that you a responsible parent. Now coming back to hiring the household help, there is no need to feel embarrassed about hiring one, because in the long run it will be beneficial for you and your kids. To be specific, hiring a professional help can have the following advantages

  • Undivided attention to your kids, while you are out working, to provide for a better future for your kids.
  • Less work for you once you come home from work
  • Shared responsibilities ensure that you get enough involvement in your child’s life
  • Someone will always be there to give the emotional and psychological support, as and when your child requires, even while you are not around
  • And most important of all, a secure feeling, derived out of a human touch, when you can’t be around

Though there a lot of other benefits of hiring a help, especially in the crucial years of your child’s development. Hiring and raising kids with a helper, does not come without its own set of challenges. But as there is nothing in this world that you wouldn’t do for your child, these challenges can be easily dealt with. All it needs is a little bit of prior planning and pinch of co-ordination between you and your help and voila! Just like that, all your worries and reservations about raising kids with a helper will disappear in no time. As some of your doubts have been cleared in this regard, now let’s take a look at how you can turn this opportunity into a great experience, for you and your child.

1. Raising Kids - It’s all about good communication!

Once you have hired a help, to assist with your kids you need to make sure that, you communicate your ideas and requirements to your help, with utmost clarity. This is necessary because, improper communication, might lead to a situation where your help might not perform a task according your preference.

2. Pay them a Decent Salary

You should always have the realization that your help is taking on a big chunk of your daily work and will be taking on other work of your household as well. If your help is affording you such convenience, it’s only reasonable that you pay her well.

3. Choose a Person Whom You Can Trust

Finding a person, who will take their responsibility with sincerity and will be loyal to you, can be very hard. Which is why if you have decided to hire a person to take care of your kid, you need to make sure that, you have done a thorough background check before employing them.

4. Use Nanny Cams

One of the most common doubts that parents have; whether the help is going to take proper care of your child. Since you have to go to work, it’s physically impossible for you to stay at home and keep a close eye on your help. So just for being on the safer side, you can make use of nanny cams, to keep an eye on your help, while you are away at work.