Useful Resources For Maids in Singapore

Useful Resources For Maids in Singapore


14 Aug 2020 | 5 min read

Singapore is a city of dreams and hopes and thus many people reach here in search of a respectable source of living. Thus you may find many migrant workers here working as domestic helpers, professional jobs here. If you are also working as a domestic helper in Singapore you must be well aware of its perks and cons. The rising demand for maids in Singapore has fuelled the supply of domestic helpers as well. More and more people are employing helpers and giving them an opportunity to work. However, if you are working as a domestic helper, you need to be well aware of your rights as well. Otherwise it can lead to abuse and humiliation. There are many certified organizations working in Singapore that can provide you with a helping hand when it comes to your rights as a helper. As a working professional helper, you need to be well aware of these organizations and resources. Here are some useful resources for your help.

The Community Justice Centre

This body works for providing legal support to workers or persons who are struggling to put up their cases in the court but cannot afford a lawyer. Thus, if unfortunately you need to appear before the State Courts but cannot be represented by a lawyer, you can take their help. The CJC offers amalgamation of legal services for needy users. You can contact them through their Community Justice Centre website.

The Foreign Domestic Worker Association for Social Support and Training

The Foreign Domestic Worker Association for Social Support and Training or FAST was established in the year 2005 as a charity society supported by MOM or Ministry of Manpower. The society is registered under the Charities Act and lends a helping hand to foreign domestic workers in distress. Moreover, the organization also strives to offer equal working opportunities to all foreign domestic workers through affordable professional training programs. You can get more information about them through their FAST website.


Humanitarian Organization for Migrant Economics (H.O.M.E) is basically a charity group that was founded in the year 2004. It works tirelessly to safeguard the human rights of these migrant domestic workers. Thus, maids who have been a victim of abuse, exploitation, and human rights violation can contact this charity group for help. The group offers the correct intervention and also provides effectual training and education programs for the domestic helpers. The group is working continuously for achieving economic wellbeing for the domestic helpers. You can reach them through their website:

H.e.l.p. Agency

The H.e.l.p. agency is a training firm for the domestic workers which provides them training sessions pertaining to health and first aid issues. The group provides different courses for helpers for handling any kind of health emergencies in children between the age group of 0 and 15 years. The group also gives talks about different women health issues. The founder of the group is Anne Genetet who is a French expatriate as well as a medical doctor. She has been working with many NGOs for providing proper support to the migrant workers in Singapore. H.e.l.p. agency website

Ministry of Manpower (MOM)

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Ministry of Manpower as the name suggests is government’s ministerial body that works for creating an improved workplace in Singapore for all kinds of workers, especially migrant workers. The body strives to offer equal opportunities, financial security, and real professional growth to the workers in the country. Moreover, the body also aspires to develop and maintain a progressive workforce for the country’s development. The body creates rules for equal job opportunities for workers and also formulates different regulations for addressing any case of abuse against the workers. The body also supports to different charity groups working for the welfare of domestic helpers in Singapore. You can reach them through MOM website.


Transient Workers Count Too or TWC2 is a NGO which works for improving the life conditions of migrant workers, especially the low income group workers. The group was established in the year 2003 and has been working since then for the welfare of migrant workers. They operate through a large force of unpaid volunteers and a small staff group. The NGO has been working on different niches, ranging from working with the policy makers to even providing frontline support to the migrant workers in Singapore. In many situations, the workers get trapped in their workplaces against their own wish. TWC2 with the support of ministry officials tries to reach these domestic workers and rescue them from such unfortunate working situations. If you also need their help, please contact them through TWC2 website.


HEALTHSERVE is again a NGO working every moment to create a society that can offer a life of dignity to every migrant worker in Singapore. The group works to provide proper assistance to the migrant workers who are facing any kind of disadvantage situation in Singapore. Moreover, the NGO also designs programs to give assistance to such workers pertaining to social assistance, effective counseling, healthcare, and casework. The group also tries to raise awareness for the needs and requirements of these migrant workers. The NGO works in close association with different agencies, regulatory authorities, corporate bodies, and even schools to create health awareness among domestic helpers and even their employers. You can get in touch with this NGO through HEALTHSERVE website.

Consulate and other Organization for Maids

Always save the contact details of your respective consulates. Here are the resources of a few consulates and important department in Singapore. The Ministry of Manpower (labour department & immigration department) will help you to understand more about your rights (employment, contract...). Singapore Ministry of Manpower - Hotline: 6438 5122 (local callers).

  • Philippines consulate: +65-6737-3977 or visit the website
  • Indonesia consulate: +65-6737-8020 or link to the website
  • Nepal consulate: +65-6337 9169
  • Myanmar consulate: 8246-8581
  • Bangladesh consulate:+65-6255-0075
  • Thailand consulate: +65-6737-2475
  • Sri Lanka consulate:6254-4595/6/7

Singapore Police

999 is the number that you must dial in case of an emergency or an accident. In case of any emergency or a mistreatment, immediately contact the Singapore police department. Te Police department will support you for urgent need.