We are a Canadian Chinese family residing in Lohas Park. A family of 4 with two adorable two kids (one is almost 2 years old and the other one is 4 years old). We are looking for a second helper to look after the kids. Cooking and cleaning is part of the chores.

We are an easy going and western oriented family. What we are looking for is someone who loves kids, has patience with children and takes the effort to look after them. We prefer someone who is independent and having experience in taking care of children.

After probation period, a salary review will be performed and a year end bonus is on discretionary basis.

We will only consider candidates who are currently residing in Hong Kong and the job is as earliest as possible.

Please whatsapp me on 9669 5728 if being interested.

Thank you

Tagged as: Baby care, Child care, Cooking

Preferred Working Status:
  • Finished Contract
Cooking Skills:
  • Chinese
  • Western
Main Duties:
  • Baby Care
  • Child Care
  • Groceries
  • Housekeeping
Monthly Salary:

Based on Experience