How to Check Maid Employment History In Singapore?

How to Check Maid Employment History In Singapore?


15 Sep 2023 | 5 Min read

A potential helper's employment history is something you should consider when shortlisting and reviewing them. The Ministry of Manpower is the best solution, you can find and check the employment history on MOM website.

It is necessary to have a Singpass to access this information. When you get to the page, you will see information about Employment Period, Household Size, and Housing Types, such as Landed, Private, and Cancellation Reasons.

FDWs should ideally have a clean record at their previous employers by completing their 2-year contracts. She has a good record when the helper has completed more than one employment contract. However, she might be a red flag if she has worked for many households for less than a year each time.

Even though the agency representing the FDW can provide this information, their report on employment history remains questionable. The world isn't over yet - you can check the employment history of the FDW online.

Work permit maid history

Steps in checking employment history using MOM's website:

It only takes some basic details about the potential FDW. Despite how simple it seems, this process may only be known to some - even when shortlisting your domestic helpers in the past, you were unaware of it. Step-by-step, here's what you do:

1. Visit MOM's website and log into work permit (WP) Online:

Here's how it works: Log in with your SingPass details and agree to some terms. As stated on the page, you should note that this service is only available during office hours. Late at night, you won't be able to log in.

2. Check out the "Enquire" tab on the page.

You'll find a list of services in the left corner. Go to the "Enquire" tab and click it.

You can find the "Enquire" tab on the left corner of the page. Click it to expand it. There is an option called "Foreign Worker/Foreign Domestic Worker Employment History"; click it.

3. Enter the information about the FDW.

A new page will appear when you click "Foreign Workers/Foreign Domestic Workers Employment History". Upon landing on this page, you will have three options for entering details to find FDWs' history records.

  • First option: FDW's work permit number
  • Second option: The FDW's Foreign Identification Number (FIN)
  • Third Option: The FDW's information (Name, DOB, Gender, Nationality, Passport Number)

Inquiry Employment historyUpon completing all the above, you will be directed to the FDW's employment record.

Make sure you verify the details and duration of each job and make sure you do any other checks you need to before you confirm it. Check the maid's records and ensure her last employer gave her good feedback.

What Other ways to check the maid's employment history?

1. Knowing More About FDW's Employment History by Reaching Out to Previous Employers:

A former employer will usually be willing to provide an FDW employment history for former employees and future employers like you, so long as the information is accurate.

There are employers, however, who refrain from sharing their contact information. Some maids don't include their former employers' contact information because they're worried they'll get in trouble.

As soon as you have the contact details of the former employers who can give you information about the FDW employment history, it would help if you prepared the right questions. Invest some time learning about the maid.

If you're hiring a maid moving from another superior, it's easier to get in touch with her former employer to get the Maid's Employment History. In the case of the latter, a contract or a declaration issuing an acknowledgment of the agreement would need to be signed.

If you're interviewing domestic helpers, ask them to bring reference letters.

2. Employers can inquire through employment agencies.

The domestic helper agency is another way to obtain their employment history record. An employment agency will be notified of the maid's previous employer by the Ministry of Manpower. By doing this, the agency can contact the previous employers and ask about the maid. Maids who violate the laws of Singapore will be automatically blacklisted if they commit an offense or disobey them.

If you're hiring an FDW for the first time, ask their previous employers for Maid's Employment History or feedback. There are times, however, when it may be difficult to get in touch with a current or former employer. It is also possible to obtain records of FDWs' histories from The Ministry of Manpower if you cannot reach the employers.

Why A worker's feedback is important?

Whenever maids have been reported for misconduct, employers must give them the benefit of the doubt. Some employers have difficulty getting along with their employees, so they report them.

An employer may consider a particular behavior rude, but another may find it ideal. Employers who mistreat their maids report them after they leave. So take note of the employees' side of the story before disregarding everything.

Who are FDWs?

FDWs are foreign domestic workers, also known as domestic helpers, and their job brings them to Singapore from other countries. The Singapore Work Permit for domestic workers is needed before prospective employers can hire them.

Employers can assign them to care for older adults or kids in their families. As long as your maid has agreed and signed their contract, she can do housework too.

Getting a job as a foreign domestic worker in Singapore is hard. Only certain nationalities are accepted for foreign domestic workers to work in Singapore. Government-set criteria are also in place for employers to meet if they want to hire maids.

Why is it crucial to check FDW employment history?

To hire domestic helpers, you must have a history of FDW employment, particularly if you are new to this process. The employment history of the FDW can be obtained from the previous employer or employment agencies.

You must be careful when choosing maids for your home if you have an elderly patient or children to look after. Choosing candidates with a proven track record is essential because they'll live with your family.

Here, you can learn more about foreign domestic workers' particulars, work permits, and how to check their employment history.

Final thoughts:

Only some people choose to hire a domestic helper in Singapore. Today, it seems nearly impossible to find a reliable helper - there will always be one or another issue popping up after a few months on the job.

Are you worried? Well, no need to worry. It is not over yet, though. You can decide what questions to ask during the hiring process by looking at FDW's history of the maid. These details can also be found online.