All About Transfer Maids in Singapore

All About Transfer Maids in Singapore


16 Aug 2023 | 5 min read

Maids in Singapore can be categorized into two categories, one is transfer maid and another is a new maid who can be hired from an agency. Transfer maids are much in demand as one gets experienced maid who is just being transferred from one employer to another. As per the statistics of the domestic agencies, transfer maids are much popular as compared to other maids. However, this does not mean that other maids are being ignored. Hiring a particular kind of maid depends solely on the employer's interests and about the hiring process in Singapore.

What are the differences between new maids and transfer maids?

Working location

Transfer maids are already working in Singapore. They are just changing their employers for one or more reasons. These reasons may include former employers themselves leaving the country, maids are looking for a new employer, or the employer is looking for a change of maid. However, this cannot be said in terms of new maids. New maids are mainly first time applicants or are not working currently working in Singapore (ex-Singapore). They are mainly coming from Indonesia or Philippines.


In terms of transfer maids, one can be rest assured that the maids must be having some experience in working because they are already working in Singapore! However, in case of new maids, one cannot say this. The new maid is entirely a fresher in Singapore but she will have probably working experience in other country or in her country of origin.


When you want to hire transfer maids, it is possible to hold a face to face interview with them. While in the case of new maids, it may not be possible to have an interview with them at all. However, there are some agencies which do allow the employer to hold an interview with the new maid but that too a telephonic or skype interview. However, in such cases, it may be that the answers are being taught to them by the agency people only. In the end, getting a maid depends entirely on the needs of the employer. Some may want an experienced maid only; while some may wish to even go for inexperienced maids  in Singapore whom they can teach as per their own demands.

What are the Pros and cons of hiring a transfer maid?

Tried and tested

A maid with a good track record and long experience in working will surely have higher chances of getting employed. After all, transferring from one employer to another may stand for new opportunities, new environment, and of course end to a good working term. Moreover, the new employer can also verify about the maid's working qualities from the ex employer. However, there is also a disadvantage attached with a transfer maid. Long experience also sometimes turn transfer maids into arrogant beings who do not like to get ruled over by their employers. This fact may not go very well with the employer. Moreover, long experience also turns into higher salary demands which may not be acceptable to some employers.

What are the Benefits of to hire a Transfer Maid

The biggest advantage of transfer maids is that they are already residing in Singapore and can start working quickly. Agencies which are involved in the hiring process charge important fees. However, all this can be avoided through an initiative of the Ministry of Manpower which allows employers to apply for their foreign domestic help through the ministry's website.

What are the Benefits of not involving agencies while hiring a transfer maid

It is always possible to hire a transfer maid by not involving an agency. In fact, it may lead to less hassles and of course no agency money. Now the question is how is this possible? This can be possible through online website to hire helpers in Singapore. This kind of website connect employers and maids in few minutes and after doing a little bit of paperwork can get a reliable transfer maid.

No agency fees

This is the biggest advantage for an employer. It is a fact that agencies usually charge up to $2000 for assisting the employers in hiring foreign maids coming from Indonesia or Philippines.

Maids can start working quickly

Agencies normally give a waiting time of 10 or more weeks to the employers before the maid starts working for them. However, when the employers hire a maid online, they can have the transfer maids start working quite quickly.

No loan burden and no placement fees on maid

When an agency is involved in transfer maid hiring, normally the maid needs to pay an agency fees. However, this may not be the case when the employer is directly hiring a transfer maid.

How to hire a transfer maid in Singapore?

Hiring a transfer maid requires some important steps. If these steps are performed ably, one can be rest assured to get a good transfer maid. Here is some information on these steps. Research. Yes, research is the main valid point to be considered. If the employer does not want to involve an agency, one may have to do a little bit of research. One needs to ask friends, family, and acquaintances. Who knows, one may get transfer maids within one's social circle only. Secondly, one may try online websites to get more information. There are special Singaporean forums which provide reliable information about maids waiting to be transferred. One can even post one's advertisement for a transfer maid on social media websites. However, one may also take the help of agencies. The major advantage of getting a maid through an agency is that one does not need to get a background check for the transfer maid. The agencies take care of doing so.

Three important steps to follow while hiring a transfer maid directly.

Transfer maids are very much in demand in Singapore because of their wide experiences and reliable working skills. While putting some efforts, one can get a perfect transfer maid who can stay with the employer for long years and can be of great help.