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When an Employer or a family needs to hire a maid, the time and the cost to find the best candidates are to be considered. Employers have the possibility to use a maid agency or to directly hire the new maid by themselves. HelperPlace will help you to connect, screen and interview each candidate.

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HelperPlace is a social leading platform to connect Maids and Employers. We are proud of never charging Maids to find the right employer.

Location, Skills, Age, Experience, Availability, Transfer Maid? Select the most important criteria, start your search and connect with the right maid.

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220,000 Maids are now working in Singapore

A quarter of a million houses of Singapore have incorporated the services of a foreign domestic helper. Maids are playing an essential role for all our families. They are taking care of children and assisting us with domestic chores.

Foreign domestic workers are also offering to their own families the vital resources to support their financial needs. HelperPlace is proud of never charging domestic helpers to connect with employers.

We support you to understand how to process a contract or to know more about the expenses to hire a helper in Singapore.


Our matching system will easily help you find the right employee for your family. Based on your requirements, you are now able to connect with the perfect maid in Singapore. Maid agency or direct hire, HelperPlace is the best solution to quickly search your maid.

News About Maids and Hiring Process

Nationality foreign domestic helper

Helper Nationality Influence Your Hiring Decisions?

A lot of factors go into hiring the perfect domestic help for your home, and nationality is definitely one of the most important of them all. Other factors like language, education, experience, marital status, background etc. also play a significant role in selecting the perfect domestic help for your home. But your choice of nationality

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9 Tips to Perfectly Prepare Your Helper’s Room

A domestic helper is of a very good assistance to you and your family. If both the parents of a child are working, then a domestic help can be very useful in taking care of the child. In a densely populated country with a limited habitual space like Hong Kong or Singapore, the number of

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Green practices and helpers

Make Your Helper Get Green Practices at Home

Have you ever thought of going green? How wonderful it would be if you could reduce carbon footprint! If you have been an environmentally conscious person, you definitely would have thought about green practices that you could promote and adopt to create an environment that you would love to live in. It is heartening to

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