Domestic Workers Play an Essential Role

Domestic Workers Play an Essential Role


14 Aug 2020 | 5 min read

In both Hong Kong and Singapore, one out of eight families has a foreign domestic helper assisting with domestic chores such as taking care of kids, cleaning and cooking among other domestic responsibilities. The services that the foreign domestic workers offer to families have been determined to be vital for the sustenance of the economies of these two countries as well as keeping families healthy and productive.

Juggling a career and a myriad of domestic responsibilities has never been an easy routine especially for families in some of the fast-growing Asian economies. The extra pairs of hands often come in handy in such scenarios considering that they enable parents and homeowners to attain success in their careers or education while at the same time being sure that their children and homes are in caring hands

Hundreds of thousands of parents and home owners in Hong Kong, Singapore or in the Middle East can attribute a substantial amount of the success they have to the services rendered by their domestic workers.

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Having a full-time job and a home to run in a fast-paced environment requires one to think out of the box. Failure to take drastic measures can result in having to lose either of the two, and considering the importance of both; it is always easier to hire a house help.

Hiring a foreign domestic helper in Hong Kong and Singapore is relatively easy while also factoring in the benefits that may come out of the venture. In addition, authorities in these countries have also eased the requirements for getting a house help.

For instance, in Hong Kong, an employer has to offer the domestic helper a decent accommodation within their household and meet the minimum wage requirements as stipulated in the employment contracts. Similar requirements apply in Singapore, and therefore homeowners have every reason to rid themselves of the stress that come with the management of homes or kids while also pursuing their dreams. Sure, the conditions of domestic helpers are improving but holidays or income are still fare from workers expectation!

Domestic workers also dedicate their efforts to enhance the well-being of their employers’ children and ensuring that the homes they manage are in perfect conditions. This offers parents and homeowners the time and luxury they need to toil in their careers of pursue education without any stress. As a result, both the employer and the worker benefit mutually. The role that domestic workers play in the growth of any society cannot therefore be disputed.


In Asia, families are increasingly becoming appreciative of the efforts that foreign helpers put in managing their homes and taking care of children. Consequently, cases of employers abusing their domestic helper have substantially declined in the recent past. As a matter of fact, employers are increasingly going beyond the specifications of the employment contracts to ensure that their domestic helpers are comfortable while undertaking their duties.

In some cases, employers offer their house helps additional benefits other than those required of them in the employment contracts. They go to as much as offering service-based tips just to ensure that their employees lead comfortable lives during their engagements. In return, the house helps also go beyond their call of duty to ensure that they offer their services wholeheartedly for the mutual gain.

Individuals are also afforded the opportunity to make a decent living while working as domestic helpers in Hong Kong and Singapore and subsequently take care of their dependents back home.

Employment rates, especially in the developing countries, have declined. Therefore, working as a domestic helper in either Singapore of Hong Kong can be a unique opportunity to better one’s life. The minimal wages have been standardized to ensure that they are reflective of the efforts that workers put in their work.

In addition to benefiting as individuals, nations where the workers come from also benefit by having an inflow of cash. The workers can also use the money they earn to make investments back home as a backup economic plan that will cater for their needs when they return home.

Job seekers from neighbouring developing nations such as the Philippines, Indonesia and Bangladesh often find it easier to bond with families in Hong Kong and Singapore compared to other nations that purport to offer more promising opportunities. Considering that they have to live together with their host families in the same environment, the rate at which they adapt to the new lifestyles and cultures matters a lot in terms of service delivery.

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Both Singapore and Hong Kong offer friendly environments for foreign workers to ensure that they blend in with a lot of ease. The governments also offer enough legal protection to the domestic workers in a bid to ascertain their safety and well-being at all times. In addition, employers are also taking it upon themselves to ensure that their employees are satisfied considering the weight of the burden that they take off their hands.

As such, while the governments play a significant role in ensuring that the domestic workers live in safe environments, the employers and their families also have a great responsibility to ensure home workers deliver their best during their engagements by offering them the support they need.

Foreign domestic workers play an essential role in sustaining the economies of both the recipient nations and also the nations where they originate. Without distractions from responsibilities at home, people in both Singapore and Hong Kong have ample time to dedicate to their careers or studies. The host nations are increasingly achieving success in terms of ensuring that the working conditions of the foreign workers are favourable and that they are empowered to deliver the best quality of services. Employers are also increasingly taking it upon themselves to create the best environment in their homes to make sure that their foreign domestic helper does not suffer culture shock and that she feels appreciated at all times.

As a result, job seekers from the neighbouring nations such as the Philippines, Indonesia, and Bangladesh find it more favourable to work as domestic helpers in Singapore or Hong Kong compared to others such as the Gulf States.