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We help you to connect with prodessional foreign domestic drivers in Hong Kong. They are holding a valid hong kong driving licence and have experience to drive in New territories, Kowloon and Hong Kong Island. In few minutes you can connect, message and schedule interview with the right driver for your family. Avoid Agency fees and access to a large choice of candidates. No hidden fees.

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HelperPlace is one of the best solution to connect and hire a domestic helper in Hong Kong. We are providing simple and powerful services to meet qualified candidates with strong experiences as domestic helper, housekeeper, professional driver, nanny, maid or caregiver! More than 110,000 Foreign domestic workers have already used HelperPlace to connect with potential employers. We are proud to never charge them to use our platform.

6 Tips to find a full time helper in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a great place with a fast paced life. Both husband and wife need to work outside to make a comfortable living. This asks for the services of a domestic helper without which taking care of home and children becomes difficult.

If you are living in Hong Kong and looking for a full time helper, here are some tips for you:

1) Hiring a full time domestic helper already in Hong Kong

Are you looking for a helper as soon as possible? Your best option is probably to focus on domestic helpers who are already working in Hong Kong and finishing soon their contracts (finished contract or terminated due to relocation or due to financial reason). It will allow you to easily meet candidates and start the hiring process. If you respect these criteria, the immigration process is shorter and it’s not mandatory to use an agency. Moreover, an agency obviously will cost you more than a direct hire.

2) Hiring a Foreign Helper currently in her country of origin

Foreign helpers are available in abundance, especially those from Philippines and Indonesia. They are hardworking, trustworthy and well trained.  If you want to direct hire a full time helper who is currently in her home country, you must use an employment agency. When you are hiring a foreign helper, the agency will make sure to check all the papers and documents to avoid any legal issues later. Foreign helpers are easily available through agencies.

3) Word-of-mouth or Facebook groups can be a great source

This gives you a great choice but it’s time consuming! Try searching for the right fit on your social networks, facebook is probably the main online network to spread the word.

4) Your friends and relatives can lead you to the best fit for family

This is reliable because either they would have experienced her services or heard about the same. Moreover, they know you!  Get good recommendation or referral for nanny or housekeeper would be easier.

5) Newspaper ads are another source

Few years ago, they were probably one the best channel. Newspaper are still useful for a small category of people (elderly) or if you are looking for special skills (registered nurse, medical assistance…).

6) Online websites and Apps for finding full time helper in Hong Kong

HelperPlace is one such genuine site where you can explore various helpers based on your family needs. The site is trustworthy and has helped numerous employers find a reliable full time helper.

Whatever be the method you choose to hire your full time maid, it is significant that you check whether she has completed her tenure with her previous employer. A full time foreign domestic helper, by law, can work for only one employer, so ensure everything is compliant with the regulation.

For direct hire, on’t forget to post a job ad on HelperPlace, you will get more chance to connect with your domestic helper.

HelperPlace also connect employers and maids in the following countries: Macau – Singapore – United Arab Emirates – Saudi Arabia. HelperPlace is available on Facebook, we are supported by more than 100,000 followers! If you are looking more information about domestic helpers employment in Hong Kong (contract, hiring process, obligations,…), you can visit all our hiring tips. Join us and spread the word to your friends.