Helper Nationality Influence Your Hiring Decisions?

Helper Nationality Influence Your Hiring Decisions?


14 Aug 2020 | 5 min read

A lot of factors go into hiring the perfect domestic help for your home, and nationality is definitely one of the most important of them all. Other factors like language, education, experience, marital status, background etc. also play a significant role in selecting the perfect domestic help for your home. But your choice of nationality can play a huge role in your overall experience with your domestic help and hence it is important that you make a considerable effort while choosing the nationality of your domestic help. First and most importantly, you must only consider hiring maids from countries that are approved by Immigration Department. Countries that are included in this list are: Philippines, Indonesia, Myanmar, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Thailand, India, and Bangladesh. Out of all these countries, Philippines, Indonesia and Myanmar is the preferred choice by most people. Such preferences regarding nationality, often lead to built stereotypes when it comes to the hiring of domestic helpers. Good or bad, accurate or not, some of these stereotypes can help you to a great extent while choosing the nationality of your domestic helper.

Domestic Helpers From Philippines

One reason that makes maids from Philippines quite popular amongst applicants is their ability to speak in English. Most maids from Philippines are generally fluent in English that makes communication with them easy and unfussy. Communication plays a huge role when it comes to assigning daily chores to your domestic helper, and this is why many people prefer hiring helpers from Philippines. Another factor that makes domestic helpers from Philippines quite likeable is their efficiency in handing babies. Domestic helpers from Philippines can do a good job as nannies, providing great support to new mothers. They will be able to teach english to your kids. Trained or not, helpers from Philippines are better at understanding the needs of their employers in comparison to helpers from other countries with an ability to handle difficult tasks with much ease. The only drawback that you might find in maids from Philippines can be a higher salary.

Domestic Helpers From Indonesia

It is a general perception about domestic helpers from Indonesia that they are very hard working. It is their hard working nature that has made them quite popular as domestic helpers in many countries. Helpers from Indonesia are also quite easy going and well behaved when it comes to doing their daily household chores. One thing in which domestic helpers from Indonesia lack behind in comparison to their Filipino counterparts is their English speaking abilities. So if English speaking abilities are what you are looking for in your domestic helper, then helpers of Indonesia are not for you. Nevertheless, a lot of Indonesian workers are able to speak Cantonese or Mandarin. You also have the possibility to help them to improve their english skills. If you want someone who is very hardworking and dedicated, then you must go for domestic helpers from Indonesia.

Domestic Helpers From Myanmar

The biggest benefit that you get while choosing a domestic help from Myanmar is the fact that they have developed a reputation for a strong work ethic. Domestic helpers from Myanmar are generally less demanding in terms of salary and they are also very easy to work with. But before selecting for a maid from Myanmar, you must check their language abilities and the fact if they are properly trained for the job or not.

Role of Helper's Nationality - Conclusion

On the whole, while considering your choices based on these stereotypes, you must remember that these are all beliefs made by people that have evolved over the years. These might be partly applicable, because all domestic helpers are individuals with their own strengths and weaknesses. So you need to use your own discretion while choosing the nationality of your domestic helper. Apart from nationality, you must also pay attention to other factors like; age, education, training, marital status, and work experience of your potential domestic helper. Because, these are factors that will largely affect the performance levels of your domestic helper. For instance, if you find a helper who has many years of experience as a domestic helper, then you must give preference to it over the nationality of that individual. You must take a note of what you expect from your domestic helper, and then see if they fit in your expectations or not. Finally, it can be said that making a choice of your domestic helper on the basis of nationality is just one element. So you need to take a comprehensive view of all the elements while choosing your domestic help and not just focus on the nationality.