Gay Ligaya

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Gay Ligaya

(40 years)

Female | Single | 3 Kids | Filipino | Christian

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My name is Gay Ligaya, I am 40 years old turning 41 this coming May. I am a single Mom of 3 boys. Raising them on my own and my Family takes care of them while I am away working. I've been here in Hongkong for more than 10 years.

I first work with a Chinese Family with 2 teenage kids both are boys. Finished contract.

2nd work is with My Singaporean and Japanese Family employer with 2 kids aged 5 and 7,girl and boy. I work with them for 4yrs. Doing some household chores such as cooking, marketing, taking caring of kids, car washing. Ironing. Finished contract.

My 3rd work is with My Korean Family with 1 kid and 1 grandma. Work consists of cooking, car washing, cleaning, washing clothes, ironing, marketing and child care. 

Almost 2 years now with my current employer, American Filipino family with 3 children (1, 4 & 6 years old) and my main duty is child care, cooking, and housekeeping. I’ll finish my contract on July 15, 2021.


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