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Hello, hope your family and you are doing well.

Here is a bit about me:

My name is Erika 40 years old Indonesian, single but I have custody of my niece and nephew (14 and 10 yo) since their parents divorced years ago and both lives with my parents in a very rural village in  Sumatra Indonesia. I’ve been working as full time Nanny/FDW for the past 16 years with various family backgrounds.

1. American/Singaporean-4 years (newborn-3yo girl) parents work full time and live in. Reason for leaving : to find new experience and to better my English.

2. British/Australian-4 months (5yo girl and newborn baby boy) stay home mum and live in. Reason : previous nanny whom worked with the family for a great 6 years requested to come back due to difficulty finding a job in her home country to which I agreed.

3. Canadian-16 months (1.5-3y boy and newborn-16months baby girl) parents work full time and live in and and out. Reason : I was their 3rd nannies in 2 months and we decided to part ways due to lack of communication.

4. Swiss-7.5 years (1.5-9yo and newborn-6.5yo both boys) parents work full time and live in and out. Reason : family sabbatical for a whole year to travel the world and return back to Switzerland and you are absolutely welcome to speak to them if you want to do so.

5. French/Australian-11 months (7yo girl and 5yo boy) a next door neighbours introduced me to their best friends but unfortunately due to the pandemic there is possibility the husband might lose his job (airline industry) and the lady inability to find ones therefore they let me go.

6.Singaporean-6 months (a couple-relocated to Washington DC colleague of a Swiss family and temporary employment at time it was difficult for expat to get approval from MOM to hire FDW so they helped me and live out)

7. Israeli-present/17 months (19 months old baby girl) parents work full time and live in. Reason : Due to family circumstances they decided to relocate to Spain to be closer to the parents ( you are welcome to speak to them as well).

As well as part time baby, pet and house sitting to expat families here pre-pandemic.

I’m active, organised, independent, and confident on what I do in regards of my job is that being said I’m looking for a fun loving family who is active, open for communication, organised (time and house or able to maintain and not keen to join messy and dirty households. It’s unhygienic! Sorry), limited screen time for the kids and most importantly no physical punishment towards them.

For the past 14 years I have weekends (Saturday-Sunday) and PH off. Spend my free time read, watch movies or simply out for walks (I used to attend classes at Goethe Institut for a little while) Currently my salary is $1250 and $300 foods allowances (negotiable and I’m fine to eat the same foods). Of course I’m absolutely fine to work  if mum and dad would like to spend a quality time on one of the weekend (all the families I work with left the kids in my care when they needed breaks either staycations/vacations/work related for a couple of days-weeks).

If you think we are a good fit please do not hesitate to ask me anything and if you would like to discuss further,

Stay safe and thank you 🙏

Best Regards,


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