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At HelperPlace, we are also providing strong courses to enhance your skills. In partnership with a Certifying Organisation, we propose you to participate to our CPR and First Aid course, recognised in over 175 countries.

Skills Learnt

  • Primary Scene Assessment
  • Barrier Use
  • Overcoming Anxiety and Stress when faced with Emergencies
  • Adult, Child and Infant CPR
  • Adult and Child AED (Portable Defibrillator)
  • Serious Bleeding Management and Care
  • Bandaging & Splinting for Dislocations and Broken Bones
  • Spinal Injury Management
  • Heat Stroke, Heat Exhaustion, Frostbite, & Hypothermia
  • Burns
  • Shock Management
  • Seizures
  • Allergies & Animal Bites/Stings
  • Diabetic Problems
  • Adult, Child and Infant Choking (Conscience & Unconscience)
  • Illness & Injury Assessment
  • First Aid Kit Assembly & Maintenance

The course is module based, designed to aid learning and build the confidence to put those skills into action. It also means that we can spend more time and attention on a particular skill if you feel that it is more important to your everyday situation, tailoring the course to your needs.

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    • Max Processing Time 1 day
    • Price start at 1250
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    Our CPR and AED course is recognised in over 175 countries.

    All qualifications are recorded in online database and participants are issued a certificate and certification card. The qualification is valid for 2 years.

    Course Length – Approx 8-10 Hours depending on class size and ability. The course is done over one full day (usually 8:30am-6pm approx. with one hour for lunch).

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    Cristine P. - Helper

    I would highly recommend to anyone who’s interested to have their CPR and first aid training to have their training under helperplace through Sir Neil. He’s cool and easy going trainor. I must say the way he discussed the lessons that he’s well experienced and knowledgeable.. u won’t regret if u gonna have the training with him. I learned a lot from him.

    Flora J. - Helper

    It’s been a nice experience having the first aid and cpr training by the best trainor. I enjoyed the training and learned a lot of new skills. Was a great training, trainor would make sure you make it all right. Thanks! Highly recommended!

    Mollie - Customer

    Excellent, my helper was well trained and was happy to participate.

    Sherry Lou M. - Helper

    CPR and FIRST AID COURSE conducted by HelperPlace is such a big help to me. I was really looking for a school that will help me gain knowledge as well as the certificate (which i really needed) about CPR/FIRST AID. And then i found Helpers Place. They have the very accommodating and approachable instructor who taught us not only the skills in performing cpr/first aid but also he taught us to build confidence which is really very important whenever circumstances occur and needs an emergency medical attention to a situation.

    Sir Neil, the instructor has a very systematic approach in teaching. Very easy to understand the way he perform all the activities during the session. He make sure the lesson is clear for the students.

    It is convenient since i got my certificate right after we finish the session, discussion, return demo, written exams.

    I highly recommend HelperPlace to every helpers like me who wants to get a certificate in CPR/First Aid course.. It will surely help you in the future especially if you are planning to go to Canada and other countries that hire caregivers.

    Good luck.