Association Supporting Domestic Workers and Helpers

Domestic workers community is happily supported by great associations. If you, your helper or any of yourfriends are facing any difficulties, we encourage you to reach the following associations. They work hard to solve any of your problems.


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Role of Association and NGO at Assuring the Life of Any Domestic Workers

Local domestic workers are some of the most hardworking people. They fly far from their home countries (Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand…) in order to support their family or other personal reasons. Unfortunately, many people do not realize how we are dependent on foreign domestic workers and instead do not give them proper treatment. Luckily the power of the community and of private organizations, such as associations, charities and NGOs, are helping foreign domestic workers to solve difficulties. The necessary support and protection are covering different topics.

Give the necessary training classes

There are several non-profit organizations (NGOs) that provide specific training for domestic workers. Most of the training offered by the organizations are applicable in real life such as financial training (escape debt, money management, plan future, personal growth) and empowerment education.

Open up new connections and activities for foreign workers

Another benefit given by associations and NGOs to foreign domestic workers in the activities they regularly held. They are programming cultural activities regularly without any cost for domestic workers (dance, hiking, churches, beauty contest and more outdoor activities). Although the activities might sound simple and normal, they can become the pillars that strengthen the foreign domestic workers’ feelings. The activities are not only alternatives for a more refreshing time, but they are also the pathway for foreign domestic workers to find new friends and new connections. So not only the activities will give the workers something refreshing to do, but they will also open up doors to much new friendship.

Educate foreign domestic workers regarding workers’ rights

As it has been stated before, foreign domestic workers are unfortunately underestimated and not by a little amount of people either. Many foreign domestic workers suffer from excessive working hours and undervalued salaries. Due to the unequal treatment of foreign domestic workers, there are lots of cases involving them. For this reason, associations and NGOs never stop their sessions on workers’ rights. They are always available to inform and support women workers regarding their rights as workers. No matter what the organization is, their aim is the same. That is the well-being of foreign domestic workers.

Counseling for foreign domestic workers

If your domestic helper is in a pinch but you are unable to help them due to legal reasons, you can lead them to associations that provide free counseling. The counseling can help domestic workers to get the solution they need for their trouble, the intermediate service can help domestic workers and employers to reach a mutual understanding that will not harm the domestic worker in any way, meaning better protection.

Legal team for foreign domestic workers

Despite local legal protections, there are many new cases related (conflict situation, termination, no salary payment, pregnancy, sexual harassment…) to foreign domestic workers due to the one-sided situation pushed to them. Unfortunately, many of the domestic workers are unable to hire private lawyers due to their pricey fees. This is where associations and NGOs come into play. These organizations can help domestic workers (or even provide by themselves) legal teams that do not have steep price plastered on their service. Such a concept will bring more protection for foreign domestic workers and help them to gain the legal team they need to defend themselves.