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HelperPlace has listed for you a lot of qualified candidates with experiences (Domestic Helper, Driver, cooking skills…). Are you currently looking for a domestic helper and you would like to find Domestic Helper your family? In Hong Kong, Singapore or Dubai, you have now the possibility to connect with helpers close to you!

How do you choose a good helper? What are the required skills?

1. Housekeeping skills

A domestic helper takes the responsibility of her employer’s housekeeping. In the recent times, the role of a domestic helper is as significant as any other member of the family. She does all the cleaning that includes sweeping, mopping and laundry. Required skills are hardworking, attention to detail and honesty. You need to find a good helper if you really need to take that stress off you and focus on your career or education.

2. Care Skills

A domestic helper takes care of her employer’s children and the aged persons in the family by assisting them in their daily life.

Self-control is one of the most important skills for baby care and child care! When you hire a helper, check her past experiences and her ability to understand the child’s needs. Listening is an important communication skill that is highly encouraged in order to follow your instructions. Medical and first aid knowledge is a plus.

For elderly care, it will be important to check that the helper is well trained (caregiver or midwifery certificate) with medications and ensure the best possible health and well-being. Patience, empathy, and nursing homes are a plus.

3. Cooking Skills

Looking for a Chef for your family? The main duties will be to prepare and cook complete meals or individual dishes and foods. The capacity to follow the recipes is a must! Organization skills are required to plan menus and determine food quality.  Passion for the Culinary Arts is a plus.

4. Communication, Honest and Trustworthy

The helper you choose must be honest and take initiative in all household chores. She needs to be a good communicator and faithful as well.

The solution to find a helper

1. Use an Online Platform to Connect with a Foreign Domestic Helper

HelperPlace will allow you to connect with the best domestic helpers. Place a job offer on HelperPlace, receive a lot of application,s and easily message the candidates!

2. Personal Network and Facebook Group

Ask your friends and extended family members for recommendations. They know your family's needs, so they will be in a better position to lead you to the right helper. You also have the possibility to use some Facebook groups.

3. Hire through a reputed Agency

You can also hire a helper through a reputed maid agency, if you want to save on time while getting a trustworthy helper for your family.


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