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HelperPlace is supporting foreign domestic workers to find a new employer in Hong Kong. Few thousands of employers are looking for a Domestic Helper in Hong Kong and they are using HelperPlace. Direct hire is possible. Check our job offers, apply when you think the offer is matching with your experience and then schedule interviews! We are proud to never charge domestic workers to use our platform.

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How to Get a New Employer in Hong Kong?

If you are a domestic worker looking for a serious job in Hong Kong, you need to use different channels to get a better chance to find the perfect employer. Almost 400,000 families are currently employing foreign domestic helpers to help them in their daily lives. Most of them are in need of maids for baby care, child care, elderly care, housekeeping, driving or cooking. If you have one of these skills, it will be easier for you to be hired.

1. Facebook Groups for Overseas Job Seekers

Social media are very useful! If you are looking for a job, a lot of groups on Facebook are dedicated to the Job search of domestic helpers. They are mainly based by city (Hong Kong, Singapore, Dubai, Macau…) and are focusing on foreign domestic workers. You can try your luck even if it’s quite difficult to create trust without any interview. These groups are mainly based by city (Hong Kong Jobs, Singapore Jobs, Dubai, Macau…) and are focusing on foreign domestic workers.

2. Register with a Maid Agency in Hong Kong

You want to work abroad but you are still in the Philippines or in Indonesia? Are you already working in Hong Kong? 70% of the job seekers are using the services of an employment agency in order to find a local employer in Hong Kong. Take time to choose a reputable maid agency. You must be prudent and only select a reliable agency like HKO Arigatoo Limited, Fair Employment Agency, Sunlight Employment Agency, Lotus Employment Agency, Technic and Overseas Employment Center. If you are already in Hong Kong or Singapore, a domestic helper agency will introduce some employers and will help you to get your working visa.

3. Job Platform and App like HelperPlace

HelperPlace is the most famous platform directly connecting job seekers and employers! With few thousand of employers in Hong Kong (western family, local family…), you have the largest choice to find the best employer. The platform is easy to use, very popular and totally free for any job seekers (no placement fee, no salary deduction). Transparency and choice, HelperPlace has made that possible. With more than 170,000 followers, HelperPlace is available on Facebook, we share with you our best job offers in Kong Kong!

Do not forget to register on HelperPlace in order to connect with your future employer in Hong Kong. Just create your bio-data and apply to our latest job opportunities. We also have Job offers in Singapore, Taiwan, Malaysia, Maid Jobs in Dubai, and More.