Useful Offers for Domestic Helper

Qualitative offers for any Domestic Workers (Medical Check-Up, Insurance, Accommodation, Transportation…)

Useful Product or Services for Helpers

Vacationing to another country gives some people anxiety, and even more when they are going abroad to live and work in that country. The anxiety and the fear are some of what domestic workers go through when they are far away from their homes and work outside their home countries. As the host, it is our duty to make them as comfortable as possible to deepen their bond to us. We can start by offering products and services that can guarantee their safety and well-being.

Protect your worker with a domestic helper medical insurance

Helper medical insurance is a necessity for a lot of domestic workers. It’s also a way for any employer to cover any difficult situation (employee compensation,hospitalization and Surgical Expenses clinical and dental expenses, repatriation expenses…).Domestic Helper medical insurance can cover your liability in case your foreign worker is sick or injured. If you are planning to purchase one for your foreign worker, make sure you have thoroughly checked and compared all the plans offered.

How to send money overseas

It is now uncommon for foreign workers to do remittance (sending money from one country to another), as most of them work abroad for the purpose of helping their families. Again, as the hosts, we have the duty to teach our foreign workers how to do remittance and avoid not reliable provider. Thankfully, there are many ways for us to send money overseas now. The easiest is bank transfer, or you go through local agents. There are also online options, applications and wallet for transferring money (global remittance, bill payment, foreign currency exchange...).
Unfortunately, remittance is not without fee. Sometimes the fee can be as steep as 20% of the total amount transferred. When you are guiding your foreign worker to do remittance, make sure you have informed the person regarding the remittance fee. If it’s necessary, make a deal on how the fee should be handled from both your side and the foreign worker’s side for mutual understanding.

Medical checkup before to hire

Before coming into the household, foreign workers are sometimes obligated to do medical checkup. If you process the medical checkup without the help of any agency, you can easily find some medical center in order to process the checkup.The checkup usually consists of urine checkup, stool checkup, HIV, chest X-Ray, VDRL, and HBsAg.

Gift and reward for domestic workers

As foreign workers leave their homes, they leave their safe zones for the sake of work and helping us around the house. It won’t hurt if we appreciate their gesture by giving them rewards and gifts that can help them adjust themselves in the new country. Some of the things you can offer are a sim card and mobile phone, stuff for better accommodation, trainings, leisure activities and of course, flight back home. There are many more things we can offer for our foreign workers. These are the most basic things we must offer as their hosts. Offering the products just now not only would guarantee the foreign worker’s safety and well-being but also help us to know them better.