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6 Tips to find a full time helper in Singapore

Singaporeans lead a very busy life. Women increasingly are going out to work, thus end up with less time for family and home. Families in Singapore therefore have been looking for full time domestic helpers that can take care of routine home tasks. However finding a loyal helper is not an easy job and one has to do some research to find a trustworthy one. Here are mentioned some tips to find a full time helper in Singapore:

1) What is exactly your need?

Before you look for a full time helper, sit with your family and discuss on the family requirements. Do you have a small kid that needs full time attention or an ailing parent that needs care and support? What exactly do you want from your Indonesian Maid (nanny, registered nurse, housekeeper, great cook...) ? If you want her to take on all the jobs right from shopping grocery, cooking, cleaning to taking care of your children, be prepared to pay a good wage.

2) Direct hiring is recommended if you are very particular with your requirements

In other words, have special set of needs and have already experience to hire a maid. Turn to your relatives and friends for recommendations. These people know you and your family, so they will be in a better position to help you find the right fit.

3) MOM directory is another reliable source

Look for an agency that comes with high retention rates. A high retention rate means, a high level of satisfaction. Choosing a full time helper in Singapore is indeed a challenge, but with Ministry Of Manpower directory, filtering can be simple.

4) Online networks like facebook

Online networks such as your social media groups are also a great place to look for a full time helper. Your friends might be ready to hand their helper to you, so give it a try. Since she has worked for your friend, you can hire her with confidence.

5) Indonesian Maid employment agency

An Indonesian maid agency is another source where you can find a helper. The agency will give you several choices to select one for your family, moreover all the paper work will be taken care of.

6) Online websites and Apps

Online sites in the recent times have gained popularity. They are a great platform for employers and helpers to connect and communicate. Helper Place is one such site. Download our App on App Store, Google play or post a job ad on HelperPlace, you will get more chance to connect with your domestic helper.         


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