Saudi family looking cook who has experience in arabic cooki
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Saudi family looking cook who has experience in arabic cooki

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We are a Saudi family from Riyadh, of a father, a mother and five adult siblings. We are looking for a cook who has experience in Arabic cooking, even if the experience is basic, and she has previously worked in Saudi Arabia or the Arab Gulf countries.• the conditions:-She speaks Arabic little.- She speak & read English.-She has a sense of responsibility and honesty.- Able to work under pressure.- Willing to learn.- Good education.She has experience in cooking, even if it is basic.Have a serious desire to work and be patient.• Advantages:$400 monthly salary.Free internet all year round.- An increase in the basic salary in times of circumstance , such as (the month of Ramadan).- Free treatment at hospitals and free medicines that are not deducted from the employee's salary.-Break three hours every day.-Pocket money when you go out shopping.-Providing all basic and personal necessities for the worker free of charge, such as food, winter clothes, summer clothes, and personal sanitary ware.-Preserving the rights of the domestic worker by paying her salaries on a monthly basis electronically and providing her with a copy of the payment receipt every month.General information : the house is 1000m. Your room will be shared with other two domestic workers (female) the room is very spacious with private bathroom.The worker privacy will be respected and we have long good history with Philippines workers and their culture. We very respect the workers rights and privacy and never overwhelmed the workers with tasks, and if their are times with too much work their salary will be increased temporarily for the mentioned time due to the too much work.Please if you are interested contact me 0 0 9 6 6 5 9 9 9 9 0 2 7 0N a w a f i i a m y a h o o . c o mNawaf

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