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Hi! I am Kris. 35 years old. Married and have 2 kids. Both of them are girls. Currently I am here in Philippines and trying my luck to find an employer here. So, my working experienced as a domestic helper was basically like the normal helper there in Hong Kong. Mainly doing household chores like marketing, cooking, cleaning, ironing, laundry and everything to maintain the cleanliness of the house. To be honest at first it was hard for me, because I'm not used to it. The country as very different from my hometown. Everything is like new to me. But then as I was determined to my job, my goals in life. To sustain the needs of my family. So I give all my best to learn everything that I need. For cooking, I learned all through recipe books, and I found out that I am good at cooking, I learned how to bake. I am taking care of a young kid, a young girl to be exact, I picked her up at school and bring to her after school activity. My first employer is a family of three. And I stayed with them for 4 years, however since the young kid is growing, her parents taught her to become independent, and they release me afterwards. For the second employer, I stayed with them for like 16 months. Unfortunately, there was unforeseen circumstances the occur, and I need to go back in Philippines, it's regarding with the welfare of my kids. My second employer was to be exact was a father and a kid, however sir is having a girlfriend and she's living with us. Sir is separated from his wife and I am taking care of a young boy, the situation is kinda difficult for us coz there was an arrangement for the child, sometimes he stayed with his mum, and stayed with us. So it's complicated. What I'm really concerned is for the young boy, he's like confused on what's happening, so he even told me what he feels inside towards the situation and I relayed it to sir. So sometimes he's making up with the child. I worked there without supervision I was the one who decided what kind of food that I'm going to put on their table. They let me to decide on how and what to do at home with their guidance. So everything is working fine with us. But, sad to say I got a problem way back here in Philippines so I decided to break my contract with them. But before I leave I helped them to find my replacement. Everything went well for us. And now I am applying again coz everything is settled for my kids. And they rely on me. I want them to have a good future. It was not easy to leaved them again, but we talked about this every one of us needs to sacrifice. Thank you so much! I'm hoping that you will gonna consider my application.

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