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More than one million Domestic Helpers are currently working in Saudi Arabia in order to take care of your families or children. HelperPlace will allow you to connect and message with the best foreign domestic workers looking for a new employer. Easily check availability, skills and experiences and make the right choice!

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To find available candidates, you just need to adjust your search criteria.

5 Tips that can help you to hire a domestic helper in Saudi Arabia

1. Adherence to Laws

You must be aware of the fact that there are a certain laws for domestic helpers in Saudi Arabia that you will need to adhere to.

2. Visa Procedures

In order to get through the visa of your domestic helper, you are required to fit in the minimum salary and bank balance criteria for at least 6 months. This amount will vary as per the number of helpers you continue to hire. So make sure that you fit into this criteria.

3. Condition For Male Applicants

A male member of the family who has applied to hire a domestic helper in Saudi Arabia must be married. Bachelors are not eligible to hire a domestic helper in Saudi Arabia. Whereas, there is no such rule for female applicants who have applied to hire a domestic helper in Saudi Arabia.

4. Hiring Agencies

There are a number of hiring agencies in Saudi Arabia who can help you provide domestic helpers from different countries by complying with all legal requirements. Before to start your recruitment journey, check the list of accredited agencies on Musaned. So, it is always a good idea to hire one from any of these agencies.

5. Domestic Helper Specifications

While applying for a domestic helper through any of the hiring agencies, you must clearly state your particular requirements from the helper. These specifications could be about the domestic helper’s nationality, age, religion, or expertise etc. This will eventually help you find out suitable candidates for the job.

In Saudi Arabia, about 2 million foreign workers are employed as domestic helpers. HelperPlace has listed for you a lot of qualified candidates with experiences (Filipino Housemaid, Housekeeper, Maid, Driver, Cook Chef…). Are you currently looking for a domestic helper in Saudi Arabia? Do you want to hire a new employee for your family? You have now the possibility to connect with helpers close to you! Don’t forget to post a job ad on HelperPlace, you will get more chance to screen and match with your domestic helper.         

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